What should you get your parents for their 25th wedding anniversary? This is an important gift, as your parents mark a major milestone in their lives. This means that you will need to put some thought into your gift. Choosing a gift is not always an easy process, especially when it comes to a major celebration. To help you out here is 12 awesome 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents.

12 Awesome 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

#1 – Silver Picture Frame

The 25th anniversary is the silver anniversary. This does not mean that every gift needs to be made from silver, but it does make it easier to come up with a few gift ideas, such as a silver picture frame. Every mom loves to receive framed pictures. They cannot get enough of them.

Instead of just giving them an empty silver picture frame, choose a picture to place inside. You could use a copy of a photo from their wedding album or even a memorable photo featuring the entire family.

#2 – A Photo Book


Another gift idea involving photographs is to give your parents a photo book. If possible, try to include at least one photo from every year of their marriage. Another option, if you do not have enough photos to cover each of the 25 years, is to include memorabilia or article clippings printed from the internet from the year that you are missing a photo.

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#3 – Custom Mixtape

Your parents may not have a boom box available, but you can still create your own playlist and burn it to a CD. Create a custom mixtape featuring music from 25 years ago. Look online to find the top songs from that year and then burn them to a CD. Decorate the jewel case using white paper and silver markers.

#4 – Custom Family Video

In addition to creating a mixtape featuring custom music, you can use your knowledge of technology to splice together a selection of your favorite family memories that have been caught on video. Create a video featuring either family footage or footage of your parents. Add a soundtrack featuring music from 25 years ago. Screen the video during their anniversary party and you will surely get a few tears from your parents.

#5 – Silver Clock


A silver clock is a nice traditional gift for a 25th wedding anniversary. It signals that passage of time – both the time that your parents have spent together and the time that is yet to come. Try to find a silver clock that you personalize in some way, such as writing a custom message on the face of the clock.

#6 – Matching Silver Watches

Continuing the silver theme, you could consider giving your parents matching silver watches. Find a pair of watches from the same designer, with a pair for men and a pair for women.

#7 – Custom Artwork

With the power of the internet, you should not have any trouble finding an affordable custom gift. There are many artists that can make custom anniversary gifts, such as hand drawn portraits from memorable photographs, engraved plates or cups, and other customized gifts.

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#8 – Photo Mugs

At most craft stores, you should be able to find photo mugs, or something similar, that allows you to attach a photograph onto or into a coffee mug. Create photocopies of some of your parent’s wedding photos and place on the coffee mug.

#9 – Digitize Your Parent’s Wedding Album

25 years ago, your parents did not have the option to have their wedding photos sent to them on a USB drive. You now have the power to do exactly this. Scan each of the photos in your parent’s wedding album and organize them into a folder on your computer. Burn this folder to a CD or transfer to a USB thumb drive.

#10 – 25th Anniversary Plaque

This gift may not be as original as some of the other ideas, but it is still a nice gesture. Consider giving your parents a 25th-anniversary plaque. This could include a photograph or a custom engraving, depending on the type of plaque that you purchase. If you have trouble finding one online, look for custom engraving locations near you.

#11 – Take Your Parents Out to Eat


After years of taking you out to eat, treat your parents to a meal that you and your siblings pay for. Take them somewhere nice, such as their favorite restaurant. This is a gift that they will surely appreciate and could be combined with any other gift ideas that you have.

#12 – Throw a Surprise Party for Your Parents

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

As with the previous suggestion, you could combine this gift idea with other gifts. Throw a surprise party for your parents. This may be difficult to pull off, but if you take the time to plan it carefully, you should be able to give your parents a night that they will not forget. You will need to enlist the help of friends and family.

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Come up with a way to get your parents out of the house for the afternoon. You could have a friend take them out to a movie or for a wine tasting excursion – something that will give you a couple hours to prepare the home for the party.

Let all the guests know that they should arrive at a specific time, so that everyone can be in place for the moment your parents come home. Make sure that you put out the food and decorations while your parents are gone. The person that is with your parents should text you when they are on their way back home. The second they walk through the door, have everyone yell, “surprise!”

These are just a few gift ideas that you may want to consider for your parents 25th wedding anniversary. This is an occasion that only comes once, so make sure that you give your gift some thought.

Regardless of what you get your parents, it is the thought that counts, but this is your opportunity to show your parents how much you really love them and to make up for all the anniversaries where you may not have gotten them anything.

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