If you are a person who wants to get in top shape then finding an exercise routine can take some time. After all, there are very few that will give you all the working out that you need in one single exercise. One of the routines which you may want to examine is cycling so if you are wondering how good cycling could be for your health, then keep on reading. Cycling is a sport that involves strength, stamina and speed. All of those things combined can make for one of the best workouts that you will ever have. Here is how cycling helps you get healthier.


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1. Increases Endurance

When you start cycling, you may feel as if you are not going as far as you possibly could but pretty soon you are able to go a lot further. That is because cycling helps increase your stamina and endurance. To help increase your endurance there are a few exercises that you can do while cycling. Those include the 9 to 3 drill, the toe touch drill and the shoe top drill. The point when you are trying to build endurance is to move past your comfort zone. Set up a goal and do everything you can to meet it.

2. Weight Loss

Riding your bike is an exercise that gets a lot of muscles of your body involved. It is also considered cardiovascular exercise. That means that you can use it as a tool to help you with weight loss. The good news is that people who weighed more will lose more calories while riding a bike. An example would be a biker who rides at a leisure pace who weighs 220 pounds will lose close to 400 calories while a 160 pound person at the same pace will burn close to 290.

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3. Strength

You would think that strength and endurance are the same thing but while they are close, they are different. Endurance is the amount of physical activity that you can complete while strength is the level of toughness which that activity can have. Riding your bicycle every day gives you both. When you are riding your bicycle, you are pushing down on the pedals. The amount of resistance is what helps make you stronger but your legs are not the only part of your body that benefits. Your back, arms and shoulders also see a level of activity which helps gain strength.

4. Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension is one of the conditions which can be very dangerous to your health so finding a way to reduce it is very important. Cycling is the perfect exercise for doing so. Studies have found that cycling can actually help you reduce the systolic blood pressure by 11 points and the diastolic pressure by 9 points. That is because cycling is an exercise that builds endurance and those are the ones that help you reduce your blood pressure as they strengthen the cardiovascular system. In order to reduce your blood pressure, it is recommended to do your cycling anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week.

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