With the temperatures beginning to rise, the air drying, and the snow waving us goodbye, it is clear that the summer season is right on the doorstep. The sun has packed enough vigor and strength in preparation for the hot season. We are about to experience the glaring rays of the sun which result to extreme warmth. So, how prepared are you for the hot season? What precautions have you taken to ensure that the oncoming hot temperature season does not affect your productivity and comfort? If you are yet to know the appliances that help in regulating extreme temperatures and ensuring that the air is breathable even under extreme weather conditions, then you are at the right site, and well, at the right time. Stick with us throughout this post as we review the top ten best battery operated fans in 2017.

If you are a frequent researcher, then you might have come across the battery operated fans. They are fans that come with no power cords. Instead, they source their power from batteries. Some of the battery operated fan brands allow for battery recharge via a USB cable. For this reason, battery operated fans are easily portable. You are free to move with one even to outdoor areas provided that the battery has some power.

On the market, various brands of battery operated fans are now available. They come with varying portability, performance, energy efficiency, and durability. In this post, we come in to not only ease your selection but also make it accurate by ensuring you pick the best battery operated fan model. Below, we review the top ten best battery powered fans in 2017.  Our selection criterion checks on the battery capacity, performance, durability, power efficiency and the construction design of a given model before ranking it among the best.

Read on to find out what each product offers and finally make your decision from the list below.

10. Honeywell HTF090B Turbo on the Go Fan

Honeywell HTF090B

Your desire to feel comfortable, relaxed and calm will come true upon the purchase of this battery operated fan by the Honeywell Company. First, with its two power sourcing options, you can still enjoy the service of this fan regardless of your location or power shortage. Sourcing power via a USB cable will be of help while you are in the house. On the other hand, the power stored in its rechargeable battery will be useful in outdoor areas or in the case of power shortage. The included carrying handle facilitates its easy portability. Cleaning this fan is quite easy, so, you can maintain it as new for many years. It works quietly making it ideal for use in homes with young children as it will not disturb them as they sleep.

9. innobay 4-inch Personal Battery Operated Fan

innobay 4-inch

Innobay is a re-known company in the manufacturer of battery operated fans. This latest model from them is a sign of commitment and dedication to providing customers across the globe with the best products. It’s a 4-inch fan that runs on a rechargeable battery. Its compact and robust construction design makes it portable and durable. Its motor is ultra-powerful as it produces about 3150 RPM. It’s a dual power source fan as you can connect it to a USB port via USB or use power from its 18650 rechargeable battery. Its battery has a reliable capacity as it keeps the fan going for about 10 hours before demanding a recharge. This fan also includes a 3-speed configuration for utmost versatility.

8. BLUBOON Rechargeable Battery Clip on Fan

BLUBOON Rechargeable

Affordability, excellent performance, and portability are the areas of focus in the making of this battery operated fan model by the BLUBOON Company. Its characteristics are promising. Right from its reasonable price tag, you will notice that its manufacturer values customer satisfaction. It brings you a USB rechargeable 18650 battery which keeps the fan running for about 2-4-6 hours as per the set speed configuration. You can also use direct power from a computer, solar panel, or wall socket via a USB charger. Its clip-on feature allows for its attachment to any object with a ledge including a carrier handle, chair, pole or even a table, to mention but a few. It rotates through 360 degrees for even temperature and airflow circulation throughout its surrounding.

7. BTOOP Clip on Fan Rechargeable Battery Fan


Say no more to wishing and begin to experience the coolest environmental conditions through the use of this battery operated fan model by the BTOOP Company. It brings you the incredible ability to rotate through 360 degrees as well as tilting to any angle for maximum cooling effect experience. It allows power sourcing via USB or from its rechargeable battery. Its core characteristics that result to its popularity include energy efficiency, portability, environment friendliness, as well as excellent wind power. Its quiet operation facilitates its use even around sleeping children. You are free to attach this fan to any place thanks to its clip on feature.

6. Efluky Mini USB Rechargeable Table Fan

Efluky Mini

Could the limited space of your office or living area be the only hindrance to buying a high-quality fan to regulate your environmental conditions? Then this battery operated fan model by Eflunky is here to your rescue. Among the best brands in this category, this one is the tiniest. It comes to save your space while delivering the best air and temperature regulation. This fan features blue LEDs as well as a 4. 5-inh form factor element. Its excellent performance is facilitated by the rechargeable 18650 battery featured in this fan. Its 3-speed configuration promotes the versatility of this fan by allowing its user to decide on the level of performance depending on the environmental conditions. You are free to utilize the fan while charging without harming the battery.

5. Travelon 3 – Speed Personal Folding Fan

Travelon 3

Are you a frequent traveler? Could you be irritated by the extreme temperatures and unbreathable air that accompany the interior of vehicles during sunny days? Then, it’s only wise that you have a closer look at this portable battery operated fan model. It brings you a perfect blend of convenience, performance, and comfort. It’s a travel-friendly product which features a compact design for easy portability and easy storage when out of use. The fact that one can hang it on the neck or shoulder is interesting as you can walk around as you feel the cool breeze and excellent airflow throughout the day. It offers a 3-speed configuration that allows one to choose the airflow and temperature regulation level. Its plastic blades are a plus to the user safety as no cuts can occur.

4. O2COOL 5″ Battery Operated Clip Fan

Battery Operated

Compactness is among the factors to consider while buying a battery operated fan. That said, this 5-inch clip-on Fan, ranks among the most compact fan models on the market so far. Other than being portable and durable, this fan provides comfortable air flow and a decent performance regarding temperature regulation. Its rotating head allows for even air circulation thus regulating the temperature throughout the surrounding. The included clip-on feature is there to facilitate excellent portability and placement of this fan by attaching it to various items safely. Its operations are facilitated by its rechargeable battery. The user is free to adjust the temperature regulation and air flow settings thanks to the included 2-speed configuration.

3. O2COOL NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan


Are you interested in using a battery operated fan model made with the latest technology? Then, the O2COOL 10-inch could be for you. It ranks among the most recent models by the re-known O2COOL company. It brings O2COOL enthusiasts a simple but robust construction design which makes it easy to use and durable. The 2-speed setting system and the 10-inch blades included in this fan promote its excellent performance in cooling the environment. The folding technology featured in its making facilitates easy portability and storage. You are free to tilt this fan to any angle depending on your cooling preference. It sources its power from 8-D batteries, sold separately.

2. O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

O2COOL 5-Inch

Through the production of excellent battery operated fan models, the O2COOL Company has managed to build a robust and dominant brand name on the market. This is just another battery operated fan by them that has played a significant role in the building of the vast reputation of the O2COOL Company. Despite having the best quality, this fan features a reasonable price tag. The two fan-speed configuration collaborates with the 5-inch blades to provide excellent services to the user of this fan. Its design is simple, a plus to its usability. Again, its foldable design promotes its portability and storage. This fan sources its power from 2-D batteries, bought separately. You are free to choose from the two available color of this battery operated fan model.

1. Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Airflow Fan – Best of Battery Operated Fans in 2017

Honeywell HT-900 - Best Battery Operated Fans in 2017

From the thousands of positive reviews offered by the users of this battery operated fan, it’s clear that this product delivers beyond its core purpose. If you are looking for a high-performance battery-powered fan, then look no further than this product. Its maker focuses on making this product compact for easy storage and portability. Its power-efficient motor is there to provide you with a decent air flow rate for utmost comfort at work, or while you relax at home. Many appreciate its carrying handle as well as its folding design which are a plus to its ease of storage and transport from place to place. Its one-speed setting facilitates its excellent performance. Its reasonable price tag is also one of the factors that contribute to this fan’s popularity.

Adverse weather conditions, congested rooms, or extreme heat should no longer be a bone of contention after purchasing a battery operated fan. We have done our part by presenting you with the top ten best battery operated fans in 2017.  Your choice from this list of the best brands should be dependent on your budget and other personal preferences. Buy a quality product that will not disappoint you in its performance, durability, and portability.