The modern models of subwoofers, unlike in the past, are small and compact, yet play better and relentless punch of sounds, generating better, hard-hitting and filling bass. In this digitalized world of technological advancements, subwoofers are becoming more and more popular, what with them producing fabulous sonic benefits. Used safely and appropriately, they are very convenient, effective and durable—especially the top quality models. And if you are looking for an indisputably high quality sound producing subwoofer to vamp your car so you can listen to your favorites while behind the wheel, this article comes in handy by highlighting the top 10 best car subwoofers in 2017 reviews. Keep reading, then, to discover and buy.

10.  MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer

MTX Audio subwoofers are expertly designed to surely deliver true, hard-rocking sounds and bass in a 3. 325-inch mounting depth. The system, developed by the FPR engineers, boasts a patented 1-piece spider-cone assembly design in an ultra-compact design to offer you a real-time sound experience. They are perfectly sealed for enclosures, and need just 0.6 cu. ft. airspace to excellently deliver. The capacity of this particular model is undeniable, delivering high quality subwoofer performance you won’t find in most other shallow-mount models out there. It generates real bass at as low as 22Hz of frequency.

9.  Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 12-Inch 1600W 2-Ohm Punch-Series Car Audio-Subwoofers

It is another best quality model featuring a dual 2 Ohm voice coil and 400W RMS power handling, and accommodates a grille insert thanks to a flawlessly fitted cast-aluminum trim-ring. Integrated Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cones make this subwoofer deliver greater base impact, providing you with a desired punch. It is built to industry standards to deliver the right power handling capacity under continuous demand, unlike the instantaneous handling which may damage coils.

8.  JL Audio 12W1v3-2 12-Inch Series Mobile Subwoofer-Driver

This is a 12 inch subwoofer driver with undeniably perfect sound performance capacity. It produces world-class sound quality even when in medium power applications, and comes expertly fitted with superb linearity as well as excursion capability, making it deliver shocking base quality and extension, which translates to higher reliability and performance. It features an amplifier power of between 75W to 300W with quite high 1W/1 m efficiency.

7.  Polk Audio DXi124 DVC 12-inch Dual-Voice Coil 8 Ohm

It is a dual-voice coil device boasting exactly appropriate standards and features flawless engineering where it most matters. It has stiff polymer composite cone that combines with its sturdy and large butyl rubber to allow you ride quality bass for many years. It can handle up tp 720-W maximum output in 27Hz to 200Hz frequency at 4 Ohms, giving out the best, most powerful and dynamic sound and audio production.

6.  Boston Acoustics G112-4 12

This car subwoofer model by Boston Acoustics features a hefty foam surround, allowing it to produce lots of cone excursion for powerful deep bass. It is an especially great choice for those who want a device that hits hard and cleans. It stunningly holds up whenever driven hard, courtesy of its effective heat-dissipating vents. That it is build using the newest technology, Boston SureSet system one, this subwoofer integrates replaceable fuses so you won’t be worried about accidental power overloads. Its single 4 Ohm voice call lets you add one more subwoofer for more bass the way you need it.

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5.  SWS-12D2 – Alpine 12″ Dual 2-Ohm 500W RMS Type-S

With the SWS-12D2-Alpine 12 inch model you can boast the great privilege and power to enjoy the experience delivered by one of the finest quality brands of a full stereo-system. Surely, it doesn’t only hit low and slow, but again rocks and rolls. It has a death metal double-bass drum that kicks so fast so as soon as you get it to the sub, it will dish it out throughout the day. Never will you experience any problems, whether popping or slacking, even if fried with higher power.

4.  Kicker 40CWRT122 12-inch CompRT Car Subwoofer

This is one of the highest quality products Kicker has ever made, which is a most reputed electronic manufacturer. One reason Kicker products stand out is the company’s serious policy to bring customers products via a keenly chosen Authorized Dealer network, preserving quality untainted. This subwoofer has brought even thinner mounting depth to the bass collection. It delivers exceptional deep bass made to fit where the conventional models of subwoofers cannot. Moreover, they are made to offer somber bottom end performance, no matter the space available.

3.  JBL GTO1214 12-inch Subwoofer

JBL GTO 1214 doesn’t just drive hard, but the sound quality is exemplarily and exceptionally outstanding. It delivers to its customers what they pay for, perhaps more. It provides performance and efficiency, and offers great control while reducing distortion mostly heard at the higher output levels. Among other outstanding features are rubber surround, die-cast single voice coil, and tinsel wire protector. If you have never experienced a doubtless high quality subwoofer, then JBL GTO 1214 car subwoofer is the model you ought to go for.

2.  Pair of Infinity-Reference 1262W 12-inch Dual 4-ohm Reference-Series Car Subwoofers

This is an affordably priced subwoofer that is built with quality die-cast aluminum frame, making it long lasting. It is fitted with an elegant high-gloss polypropylene cone for greater efficiency, while the dual-voice coil is good at manipulation during excursion limits. This cone again offers the loudest and highest quality punch on each single note when it is appropriately powered, extending them into the deeper frequency (ies) for a greater presence of the low-end bass.

1.  Pioneer Ts-w3003d4 12-inch 2,000W Champion-Series pro Subwoofer

This is, honestly, the best single model of subwoofer you can purchase to use in upgrading your car’s sound system if it’s been lacking that relished bass, or if you just need one you simply can turn on and then rattle the rear view. It features 3500 watts maximum power output and provides you with options to choose from either 4 Ohm or the dual-voice coil system. It has a super-heavy build that is meant to aid in producing extremely powerful sounds. Moreover, this subwoofer comfortably handles 600-Watts RMS, and if teamed up with a 500-Watt RMS amplifier, delivers the crème de la crème of sounds you will never want to turn it off.

Nothing is more pleasing than to have a great power subwoofer pumping life to music while you drive. Thus, get yours from the above top 10 best car subwoofers in 2017 reviews, for they all are impressive machines to keep everything breathing inside the car, adding an extra, balanced bass to your favorite music.

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