Anyone who ventures in footage collection using DSLR cameras, whether for commercial or personal needs, aims at achieving nothing short of the highest-quality footage. DSLR Camera Stabilizers and gimbals are among the modern technological tools that lead filming enthusiasts into greater heights in this field. One of the primary goals of designing stabilizers and gimbals is to ensure the achievement of the highest quality recordings by eliminating camera shakes also called frame-to-frame jitter.

When looking forward to buying the best stabilizer for your DSLR camera, there are some things you need to consider. There are many different types of stabilizers and gimbals out there, each offering a different functionality. Below, we come into ease and simplify your selection. We review the top ten best DSLR Camera Stabilizers and Gimbals in 2017.

We have taken our time to research, identify, and finally, examine these products with the aim of helping you choose your preferred tool with ease. Go through these reviews keenly to get a first-hand insight of what these products offer before deciding on the purchase.

Without further ado, let’s go straight to business:

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera Stabilizers in 2017:

10. Qwinout HG3D Handheld Gimbal

QWinOut HG3D

The HG3D is a universal handheld camera mount stabilizer. Its global nature ensures it is compatible with a wide variety of micro DSLR cameras such as the GH series, A6000, A7000, 5R, 5T, NEX5N, etc. It can be used as an entry level aerial PTZ due to its stability and reliability. It’s easy to use and can be operated using either both or one hand. It provides unique angle setting for full shooting angle and inverted gimbal shooting. For high-efficiency aerial photography, you can install additional damping suspension. It weighs about 1.05 kg with dimensions of 520mm by 300mm by 200mm. It comes in the default mode of Yaw Follow for handheld work mode and a controlled tilt angle of roughly -25 degrees to +25 degrees.

9. Glide Gear Geraneos GNS 100# Camera Stabilizer

Glide Gear Geranos

The Glide Gear is a three-axis gyro with a motorized DSLR and a mirrorless gimbal. It features motors with magnetic encoders for sensing slight changes in angles to achieve stable quality footage. It has a camera control interface which controls camera shutter and focuses right on the gimbal stick. It comes with three pre-programmed controls, Tool -less balancing arm mountable, and vest. It comes with two sets of lithium ion batteries which can last up to 6 hours with continuous usage when fully charged. It has a sturdy frame which can hold DSLR cameras of up to 1.2 KGs. It comes with extras such as a horn camera mount and Geraneos gimbal in the package. It is built well from high-quality materials and is well balanced, compact and portable. It is comfortable to hold for longer periods due to it’s lightweight and even balance nature.

8. Zhiyun Z1-Crane Camera Gimbal

Official Zhiyun Crane

The Z1-Crane camera stabilizer features a camera control interface which controls the camera shutter as well as the focus using the buttons on the gimbal. It features three axes which have 360 degrees rotation capabilities all thanks to the built-in small slip rings. It has magnetic encoders attached to the motors that can sense even slight changes in levels to adjust accordingly. Mounting the camera is effortless and requires no tools. The wireless control module can be remotely connected to a smartphone app or by using its designated remote controller. It comes with four lithium ion 18650 batteries which provide up to 6 hours of constant use. It also supports 26650 batteries which provide up to 12 hours of operation. It has powerful control units that perform floating point calculations which control the camera to achieve accuracy within milliseconds. It weighs just 4.9 pounds making it ideal for carrying and extended use.

7. Morros SunSmart Pro S-120 Camera Stabilizer

SunSmart Pro

The S-120 is a carbon fiber made handheld camera stabilizer and video rig. It is designed with round rods meant to secure accessories. Its full grip ensures a comfortable carrying experience. The frame is made of aluminum which provides high-strength and is light to carry. The quiet nature of the joints provides fluid and gliding movements. It is compatible with all kinds of professional camcorders, DSLR cameras, SLR and DVs. Through weight balancing and variable adjustment, it provides blur-free filming even with camera movements. The carbon fiber frame ensures its light weight for easy transportation. The high-spec bearings keep the camera rooted and upright thus protecting it from vibrations and shakes. It doubles as a monopod at full length. It comes with a telescopic height adjustment for adjusting the position of the handle along the shaft.

6. Fotowelt Ronkoen Handheld Camera Stabilizer

Ronkoen Handheld

The Fotowelt is compatible with all DSLR cameras weighing 300 grams and below. Its frame and rods are made purely from aluminum coated with black powder and therefore are light, highly durable, and easy to carry. Mounting a camera on this stabilizer is easy and does not require any tools. Its Assembly is easy and no tools required. The high-spec bearings allow both low angle and high angle shooting. It features low friction joints and precision bearings for smooth rotation and tilting. The sponge padded handle makes it comfortable to hold. It has an adjustable height of between 24 cm and 40 cm to suit all the user’s needs. It is foldable for easy carrying.

5. BeSteadyCam SteadyGim6 Plus Gimbal


The SteadyGim6 is a brushless handheld DSLR camera stabilizer. It comes with a 32bit Alexmos BGC controller and a wireless joystick compatible with BMCC, canon 5D, A7S, and Panasonic GH4. It comes ready to use in handheld mode. Assembly is easy with no tools required. The four operating ways of use include following, locked mode, Headlock, and Invert mode. It is Bluetooth enabled for control and tuning through the utilization of the smartphone, PC, or Mac. It has encoders embedded in all the axes for stable performance. The aluminum and carbon fiber made frame provides rigidity and saves on weight. It boasts powerful motors for attachments such as matte box and follows focus.

4. Fantaseal Tri-Cup Camera Suction Mount

Fantaseal Super

The Tri-Cup is a camera mount with a ball head that supports a broad range of cameras such as Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Sony, Casio, DSLR cameras, camcorders, etc. It’s super tri-cup suction mount enables it to withstand a substantial force of up to 30 KGs to hold and support your cameras in place. It features a built-in ball head that is suitable for all camera devices. The frame is built of high strength ABS materials. It is easy to use and comes ready to use right off the box. The mounts are firm and to offer maximum support to a DSLR. It features a GoPro mount which is compatible with most action cameras. It comes with unique components such as the GoPro tripod adapter and a Tri-Cup suction mount in the packaging.

3. Beholder DS1 stabilizer

Beholder DS1

The DS1 stabilizer is a 3-axis brushless gimbal meant for DSLR camera able to support a weight of up to 2 KGs. It supports extension rods to extend the height as needed. It can be used to capture theater quality films such as documentaries, movies, and microfilm. The gyro stabilizer is perfect for low angle shooting. It features dual sensors for faster response and a DS1 arbitrary system for stability and accuracy. It supports all angle boots automatically without having to change the shooting modes. It is compatible with GH series scroll. It features both a wire and wireless remote control allowing control from your smartphone, Mac, or PC. It comes with 18650 2600mAh lithium ion batteries, a USB charging port, a tripod mount, a 32 bit simple BCG board, dual IMU sensors, and Bluetooth.

2. Imorden S-60C Camera Stabilizer


The S-60C is a universal camera mount that fits most DSLR cameras weighing between 2 pounds to 6 pounds. The S-60C is ideal for shooting video while on the move due to its high level of stability. It is easy to set up and adjust without requiring any tools. The high-quality carbon fiber materials used in its making save- up on weight making it portable and durable. It is ideal for bloggers keen on outdoor activities and constantly on the move. The rubber handle is a user’s dream as so much detail is considered in its making. Its ergonomic design ensures it is agile, provides a firm grip, and is extremely comfortable to hold for long periods. It has an adjustable height of between 37 cm and 60 cm for different needs. It comes with a bag, a stabilizer, count weight, and release plates in the package.

1. Roxant-Pro Video camera stabilizer – Best of DSLR Camera Stabilizers and Gimbals

ROXANT PRO - Best of DSLR Camera Stabilizers and Gimbals

The Roxant-Pro is a handheld stabilizer for a wide variety of devices. Its ergonomic design and construction ensure stable image taking for a professional effect. It provides footage is shake-free. The custom lower arm is well padded and offers a no slip grip to eliminate any sway. It can handle any device whether a DSLR camera, GoPro or even smartphones of not more than 2.1 pounds. It comes with three separate counterweights to offer precise adjustments and therefore achieve high-quality images and footage. It is ideal for shooting smooth motion footage in snug spaces such as stairs, through crowds, in cars, etc. The Roxant-Pro weighs about 1.8 pounds and has dimensions of roughly 13.4 by 2.2 by 8.1 inches. Roxant-Pro provides additional value services like free lifetime support and video tutorials on how to leverage the Roxant-Pro to achieve satisfaction.

As seen above, the top ten best DSLR Camera stabilizers and Gimbals in 2017 go about achieving image stabilization in a variety of ways using different designs and technology. Our job was to find the best of these products through testing as well as reviews from people who currently use them. We believe this article will help you choose the best DSLR camera stabilizer. All the best in your footage collection!

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