Nowadays, people are working so hard all day long to survive in their busy lives only wanting to come back home and relax to refill their energy for their work in the next day. Learning from this, companies have invented the oversized bean bag chairs to support and make life easier for such needs. This furniture has become a part of people’s life and also create a lovely living environment. Oversized bean bag chairs are one of the great furniture that provides a new image of an ordinary chair, and they offer great comfort to people. Now lets us introduce the best oversized bean bag chairs in 2017. 

Keys to know Before Owning Bean Bags Chairs:

Choosing oversized bean bag chairs might not be similar in choosing a simple wooden chair, metal chair or another chair. Instead of the hardness of the simple chair, softness is the essential element of bean bags chair. On the other hand, you will have to pay more attention to keep your bean bags chair clean and neat. Here are some essential points you’d better know before buying bean bags chairs.

  • Cover: Cover would be the first thing that people would see, so it could be used to decorate your home or workplace. It is also a cover that protects your bean bag chair from dirty and water. Bean bags chairs’ cover is available in many forms that you can choose wisely to fit your environment. Obviously, bean bags chairs’ cover is so important that you have to consider about; otherwise, you will be regret for having the unsuitable one for yourself.
  • Softness: Beside the appearance or the cover, another important element of bean bags chairs is its softness. You should look at how soft it is because the softness of the bean bags chairs provides you the convenience and comfort. That is what make bean bags chair different from the ordinary chair. If your bean bags chairs cannot satisfy you with the softness, it is not different from wasting your money on a cheap, simple chair.
  • Durability: Since oversized bean bag chairs are not made of wood or metal; therefore, it needs lots of care. It is easily broken than our ordinary chair because it could get torn. Don’t worry, and high-quality bean bags chairs can last as long as others chair. With the brilliant invention, designers have created bean bags chairs with high-quality material that can make the chairs itself last for a very long time.
  • Weight: When it comes to weight, we are going to talk about the mobility of the bean bag chairs. We don’t put the chair exactly in one place. We would move it around in your living room, for example, moving to in front of you TV then move to beside your bookcase, and to your table. If you need to move your chair around, the weight of the chair should be considered.

After learning some key points bean bags chairs, now let go to our reviewing list of 10 best oversized bean bag chairs of 2017. 

10 Best Oversized Bean Bag chairs of 2017

#10 Big Joe Roma Chair, Zebra

Oversized Bean Bag Chairs

We are starting from the 10th best oversized bean bag chairs, Big Joe. Big Joe is known as a clean oversized bean bag chair. Using Big Joe, you do not have to worry about washing your bean bags chair. Its cover is a stain resistant cover which is easily clean with just a damp cloth. Moreover, it is a waterproof cover that made of smart mix ballistic fabric. The chair is filled with denser and smaller beans that provide you the ultimate comfort. This bean bags chair is tough enough handle the weight of people and last for very long because it is double stitched. Lastly, for safety consideration

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Special feature:

  • Can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth
  • Waterproof cover made of smartmax ballistic fabric
  • Improve strength and safety with double stitched and double zippers
  • Its light weight allows you to move it around easily


  • It is not flexible so it might not fit some sitting position

#9 Big Joe Lumin Chair, Limo Black

Standing the 9th place of the list, Big Joe is chosen again. Big Joe Lumin Chair also envelopes you in ultimate comfort with the newer, smaller and 20 percent denser Ultimax beans. The back and arm rest provide soft but firm support to make sure that you can relax in a very comfortable environment. It is the ideal bean bags chairs for people who are reading, watching TV, and playing the game. It is also great for any other rooms in your house. Big Joe Lumin Chair is double stitched and double zippers to enhance strength and safety. The cover is made of smartmax ballistic fabric which is waterproof and easily cleaned with damp cloth.

Special features:

  • Waterproof cover and can be cleaned easily with damp cloth
  • Double stitched and double zippers for strength and safety
  • Back and arm rests provide soft but firm


  • Some sitting position might not fit this chair since it is a little bit stiff

#8 Big Joe King Fuf in Comfort Suede, Espresso

This is Big Joe King Fuf, the oversized bean bags chairs made in the USA. Let’s experience the most comfortable oversized bean bag chairs of Big Joe King Fuf. You will be impressed by its extreme softness that the chair is being fluffed up again and again over time with super spongy and upcycled Fuf Foam inside. With the approximate size of 4. 5 ft length, Big Joe King Fuf is known as the most pleasant bean bag chairs to sit or lay on. The various color of this chair will allow you to put it in any space of your house like basements, bedrooms, dorm rooms, or even the family room, and make your environment more attractive.

Special features:

  • Re-fuf again and again over time for custom comfort
  • Filled with super spongy and upcycled foam for extreme softness
  • Fit to any sitting position


  • Easily get dirty so outdoor area might not have a good spot for this chair
  • It is a little bit heavy to carry or move around

#7 LUCID Oversized Shredded Foam Lounge Chair – Charcoal

An adult-size lounge chair known as LUCID Oversized Shredded Foam Lounge Chair is standing on the 7th place of the list. By filling up the chair by shredded foam, this is the most convenient chair you have never sat on. It is also covered by the durable fabric cover with a waterproof layer for resisting the dirt or water and lasting for long. Also, the designer has input the reinforcing strap to keep the back in place and help chair retain the shape itself. It is recommended as the ideal oversized bean bag chair for theater rooms, family rooms or dorm rooms.

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Special features:

  • Perfect chair for activities like reading, watching TV or playing video game
  • Durable fabric and waterproof cover
  • Contain a reinforcing strap that can keep the back in place and chair retain its shape


  • The size is big that you can’t move it around easily
  • Easily get dirty by the dust

#6 Gold Medal 30011246824TD Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag, Navy

Another high-quality product of USA, Navy. This year Navy has become the best 6th bean bag chair of 2017 for the luxurious leather-like finish chair. The chair is filled with super-fine virgin expanded polystyrene beans which make the chair itself amazingly soft and comfort. It is guaranteed for high durability since it is double stitched. Moreover, there is also child safe zipper for better safety. Besides this great material, Navy looks brilliant and elite that make your place becomes more and more lavish.

Special features:

  • Luxurious looks
  • More sturdy and durable
  • The chair is flexible and fit to any sitting position


  • Cannot be placed in your backyard or near the pool
  • Easily get dirty and a bit difficult to wash

#5 Lavender Purple Bean Bag Chair with Removable Cover

Lavender Purple bean bag chair is one of the best selling bean bag chairs of 2017.  It looks similarly to a sofa, yet it is much more comfortable than our stiff sofa. Lavender is famous for extra cozy and ultimate soft bean bag chair that made of 100% polystyrene beads. The cover is removable, so you can take it out and wash the cover to keep your chair clean all the times. There is also double locking zipper to keep the chair in it shape properly even after it is used for long hours. Surprisingly, its weight is very light that you can carry it from room to room.

Special features:

  • Removable cover made of 100% polyester
  • The chair is filled with polystyrene beads that make the chair extremely soft
  • The lightweight bean bag chair allows you to carry from place to place easily


  • Not suitable for the outside area such as the back yard

#4 Oversized Solid Navy Blue Bean Bag Chair

This 4th best-oversized bean bag chairs simply amazing with its ultra softness. Filling up with shredded foam, the chair offers an extreme comfort that makes you do not want to get up from the chair. For cleanness and attractive look of the bean bag chair, it is covered by a cotton-twill upholstery that provides you another level of softness. Moreover, it can be easily clean with damp cloth, so you do not need to worry about removing the cover and washing it. It can also be removed and can be washed by machine. When you reading, relaxing, watching TV or movie or playing game, it will be the best bean bag chair for you.

Special features:

  • This is a lightweight chair so you can move in around your room
  • Easily clean the dirty spot with damp cloth
  • Covered by a cotton twill upholstery


  • It is not a good idea to have this oversized bean bag chair near your pool or water; otherwise, you will waste your time drying it
  • It is not sturdy, so it will look messy

#3 Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair

Here is the 3rd best of oversized bean bag chair of 2017.  The designer has tried their best to improve the quality of chair and bring the ultimate comfort to you. This oversized bean bag chair is satisfied people with its fluffy and cozy. Just the cover itself made of cotton twill upholstery has already brought the comfort to the owner. Moreover, the cover can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or removed for machine wash.  Since it weights light, it becomes people’s favorite that they can move need besides their bookcase when they are reading or move it back in front of TV to watch their favorite movie.

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Special features:

  • Comfortable lightweight allows you to move around your room
  • High-quality cover made of cotton-twill upholstery
  • Can be cleaned easily with damp cloth over dirty spot


  • Easily get dirty

#2 Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Black Onyx

The second of 10 best oversized bean bags chairs is Black Onyx. Again, it is another well-known product of Big Joe. Black Onyx is specially designed in approximately seven ft of cozy length to bring out the maximum level of comfort. With this length, the chair makes sure that you can rest you back and relax your body. This bean bag chair is filled with super spongy, and it has been being fluffed again and again over time; that’s why the chair can give you the maximum level of comfort. Moreover, it can hold two people at the same time and still provide the best convenience. You can say that it is the best bean bag chair for home theater, living room, bedroom or dorm room.

Special feature:

  • Filled with super soft and long-lasting fluffy foam
  • Can accommodate up to 2 people


  • It is too big to drag around your area
  • You have to keep it in a clean place all the time so bringing it to your backyard is not a good idea at all

#1 Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon – Large Bean Bag Chair for Adults, Charcoal

Adult-size bean bag chair is standing on the 1st place of our list. Its size has already amazed us and attracted us to try to lay on such an oversized bean bag chair. This six ft length bean bag chair is filled with finely shredded polyurethane foam that provides the perfect amount of support while remaining soft and comfortable. It is also known as a multi-functional bean bag chart and crash pad for adults or children. We can switch between the chair and bed whenever we want. This is the best bean bag chair ever to be placed beside you book case, in front of you TV, in your living room or your bedroom. The cover is removable so you can just take the cover out and put it in a washing machine. Lastly, it contains the inner-liner with a childproof zipper.

Special features:

  • Multi-functional that can function as a chair or bed, and it is also a crash pad
  • Filled with finely shredded polyurethane foam that keeps the chair soft and comfortable
  • Removable cover can be washed by washing machine
  • Inner-liner with childproof zipper


  • It is not a bean bag chair for outdoor area
  • Require a bigger space than a simple bean bag chair

As we have finished reviewing the best ten oversized bean bags chairs of 2017, we hopefully you have found your favorite bean bag chair. You should better look for the bean bag chair that similar to these items that we review above so that you can have an amazing bean bag chair for your warm house.