The toilet is one must-have essential in any homestead, and having a high quality, great design, durable and easy to clean toilet seat is an added advantage. In fact, it is indisputably true to say that a home is no home without a well-kept comfort room. A safe, pleasant, healthy, and odor-free home life begins with a well-equipped, completely furnished, and well-maintained toilet. As such, this article is sensitive about that by bringing you the top 10 best toilet seats in 2017 reviews. Just read through.

10.  Toto SS114#01

One of the best toilet seats today, this is an integration of familiar tradition with modern technology. Made by Toto, this toilet seat is of superior quality and durable synthetic materials. The appropriately elongated seat and the molded bumps are expertly designed to offer ultimate comfort and great ease of use. it is also streamlined for style and safety.

9.  Mayfair 83EC 000 Next Step

Are you looking for the absolute child-safety model of a toilet seat? The solution is right here. The NextStep Child from Mayfair is total fun and comfort and features itty-bitty rings ideal for kids from potty-training moving forward. Durable, it also features larger rings for the adults. These rings are removable, eliminating worries about thorough cleaning. If you need a cozy, flashy wooden finish in your toilet seat, this is your finest pick.

8.  Bemis 500EC146

Regardless of your washroom theme, you will always be right with Bemis 500EC146 toilet seat since it is available in an assortment of colors, all falling within affordable cost brackets. It measures 2. 38 by 15. 13 by 19 inches, designed to be interestingly comfortable and absolutely secure. Its design is also created to ensure zero cleaning effort. It is one valuable purchase you will find no cause to rue.

7.  KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet

With innovative technology and subtle styling, this seat fits excellently on most elongated toilets. It features specially created rubber bumpers for holding the seat securely in place and preventing shifting. It also features stunningly innovative technology for preventing slamming and simplifying installation as well as cleaning. It features ergonomic contours for the greatest user comfort and can fit one or two-piece toilets. It is made of quality polypropylene that resists fading, stains, and chipping. Backed by a 1-year warranty, it is also available in a round-front design.

6.  American Standard 5325. 010. 020 Champion

Now you can improve the function and the elegance of your toilet seat with this American Standard elongated seat. It is a Champion among many that are built to last, made of coroplast material designed to resemble chinaware. Moreover, it features a slow-close lid and is easily detachable for easy cleanup. You can top of your new high-performance toilet or improve the current one with this high-quality seat. It comes in linen, black, white, and bone colors.

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5.  Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm

If you need an ultra-modern and highly durable addition to your plumbing system, you can’t go wrong with the Brondell’s LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet seat. It features wonderful LED indicator lights for brightening your nighttime visits to the john—both literally and figuratively. You will no longer worry about the cold winter nights thanks to its 3-set temperature control system which helps you chase away the cold. You will enjoy a modern tetchy life inside there.

4.  Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close

Another widely appreciated toilet seat model, Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close features easy clean-and-change hinges, allowing you to remove the seat for effortless cleaning or replacement. It is made of durable molded wood and has a superior high-gloss finish that is resistant to scratches or chipping. It is a round seat with color-matched hinges and bumpers. It is proudly made in Wisconsin, USA.

3.  TOTO SW554-11 Washlet S300

TOTO SW554-11 Washlet S300 has a very attractive fluffy-looking white-cotton design. This is an amazing piece of technology with a range of great features, among them anti-bacterial properties, three temperature control modes, a savvy and also handy remote control as well as wireless connectivity. It allows you to prep the toilet seat up using the remote function the moment you prepare to rise from your couch. Stay bacteria-free and healthy and nice, warm, cozy.

2.  KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood–bs

Also from Kohler and a bestseller product on Amazon, this is a great quality toilet seat model available today. It is available in white and has matched synthetic hinges you definitely will like. It has a highly impressive design that combines traditional touch with singular elegance. This is a great pick in both comfort and affordability that will offer great vale for money.

1.  Bemis 1500EC000 – Best of Toilet Seats in 2017
Best Toilet Seats in 2017

A bestseller product in this niche, this is an affordable toilet seat model that, for starters, allows you to customize toilet seat hinges. Bemis’ Wooded-Mold Elongated Seat features an ancient an antique charm thanks to the coated wood design. And this isn’t a high maintenance model since it is easy to wipe clean using wet non-abrasive cloth. Old-world chic meets modern technology and materials here.

You may come to learn, or have learned, of other models of toilet seats. However, it is without the doubt that the above highlighted top 10 best toilet seats in 2017 reviews stand apart as the best quality models available today on the marketplace—easy to use, elegantly designed, simple to clean and maintain, most comfortable, and highly durable. Choose safely, choose the above options.

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    the best We are glad to tell you that you arrived at right place. We came up with 6 of the best toilet seats available out there in the market. We guarantee that none of them will disappoint you regardless of which one you will purchase.

    Please go through the individual reviews of best toilet seats and select the perfect one for yourself. We have also articulated the ultimate buying guide for best toilet seats in case you want to take a look at that.

    #1 Recommendation: KOHLER K-4648-0 Stonewood Molded-wood with Color-coordinated Plastic Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat, White

    A few people appreciate investing loads of energy in the toilet, perusing, playing on their telephone or essentially having calm time far from family or flat mates. That being the reason, a great toilet situates additionally should be agreeable.

    Intended to fit one and two-piece toilets.Kohler K-4648-0 Stonewood Round, Closed-Front Toilet Seat, White Features: Made of Compression Molded Wood – gives a look and feel that can not be accomplished with other seat.

    Accessible in both round and extended sizes and types of seat, the shaped wood material of this seat is incredibly durable and complying with a great many people.

    Kohler K-4648-0 Stonewood Round, Closed-Front Toilet Seat, WhiteStonewood wooden toilet seats offer extraordinary outline, strength and complete and are ergonomically intended for unrivaled solace. The shading coordinated polypropylene pivots give a protected connection of the seat and the toilet.

    It is made for solidness and solace, this adaptable toilet seat can fit maybe a couple piece bowls. Produced using compacted shaped wood, this toilet seat will last longer than plastic seats in a similar value go.

    The unmistakable Kohler mark name converts into quality while the little value makes this quality toilet situate alluring to individuals on a financial plan.

    It accompanies the greater part of the required equipment for establishment, for example, screws and fasteners and the ergonomic situating and molding of the seat makes it exceptionally helpful to sit on. Furthermore, the complete of this toilet seat is extremely flexible, smooth and it likewise keeps scratches from traversing and destroying the nature of your toilet situate.

    #2 Recommendation: Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Round Toilet Seat with Easy Clean and Change Hinge, White

    Bemis 800EC000 is one of the best toilet situate in the market. Despite the fact that the material is plastic, the quality materials used to fabricate it are beat review. Establishment, tidy up, and support is a breeze, while its adjusted outline is steady and fits a few sorts of round bowl toilets.

    This toilet seat is extremely comfortable to keep it perfect and straightforward to go up against and off. You simply contort the pivots and evacuate the seat and clean it or even supplant the seat.

    It additionally has super peaceful and helpful curve pivots that keep going long and non-twist development that you will appreciate utilizing for quite a while.

    Bemis 800EC000 accompanies straightforward establishment plan thus you just commit couple of minutes to settle your toilet situate and following couple of minutes your toilet is prepared to be utilized. You can use delicate sodden fabric which has mellow cleanser to clean it and you’re finished with cleaning.

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    The pivot has a choice of having the capacity to be supplanted and changed to your inclination. It likewise accompanies the required jolts for establishment so you don’t need to purchase whatever else and the sturdy plastic form of this toilet seat is not naturally lightweight and stable, it is additionally exceptionally eco-accommodating in its substance and material.

    It is anything but difficult to clean and uses a delicate soggy material with a mellow cleanser staying away from grating cleaners and brushes.

    The toilet seat is moderately incredibly easy to introduce with regards to toilet connections and restroom set up and this toilet situate has an adjusted plan so it will fit a large number of people who are more suited to toilet bowls with fixed outline.

    #3 Recommendation: KOHLER K-4774-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat, White

    KOHLER K-4774-0 Brevia is built to guarantee a legitimate fit with clean lines to supplement toilets of a wide range of plans.

    It is anything but difficult to introduce with a screwdriver. Also, the seat is smooth to the touch, simple to clean, and feels like it will keep going for a long time or more. This seat is intended to be thin and light, which is both leverage and an impediment over the wooden seat that it supplanted.

    You will never lament when you welcome this item to your home and since it has been intended to offer appropriate fit and the perfect lines will mix well with toilets of different plans.

    The wooden seat is thick and has a thick guard cushions under it, contrasted with this thin plastic seat which has small guard cushions under it, so in correlation, this plastic seat places you 2 inches lower, or sitting 2 inches nearer to the water level.

    The speedy join equipment gives you quick and secure establishment while the brisk discharge pivot will give your seat a chance to be expelled to straightforwardness cleaning. The solid polypropylene will make the thing oppose recoloring, chipping, blurring and peeling. This is the correct toilet situate which will worth your speculation.

    Solid polypropylene plastic close front shaped seat for client comfort snappy discharge pivot tops snap open and seat pulls forward for evacuation speedy connect stainless steel latch takes into consideration beat mount screwdriver just introduce.

    #4 Recommendation: GlowBowl A-00452-01 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

    The Glowbowl’s diminishing component permits you to additionally tweak it by selecting the level of brilliance you crave. From a pleasant inconspicuous sparkle to a shine that emanates past the bowl!

    With the touch of a catch, you can browse seven different hues: Blue, purple, water, yellow, red, white or green.

    The gadget contains a Microchip PIC16F1503 microcontroller which utilizes PWM to control the splendor of 3 LEDs. Light and movement are recognized with a CdS photoresistor and a PIR sensor took care of by a BISS0001 PIR-controller IC, which utilizes the previously mentioned capacitor to time its yield beats.

    This improves it a bit than the other aside from, it is made of hard plastic along these lines, it will slide around a bit if not put appropriately. Additionally, the merry go round of hues is moment change versus smooth move. One elastic foot on the back could have helped this.

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    This one additionally consolidates a light sensor so it will kill when a sufficiently brilliant light is turned on adjacent. Furthermore, this one has a notice marker for when the batteries are prepared to be supplanted (the red light will be flashed over and again). There is likewise a choice to change the splendor alongside making a merry go round of hues.

    #5 Recommendation: Mayfair 48SLOWA 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat including Whisper-Close, Easy Clean and Change Hinges and STA-TITE Seat Fastening System, Round, White

    Mayfair 48E2 000 is an inventive moderate close formed wood toilet situate with a striking white subject, an enjoyable to utilize adjusted outline, and advantageous lift-off pivots that keep its cover from hammering on its base after utilization.

    Critical elements incorporate Easy Clean and Change wind pivots, shading coordinated guards and axles and is tough and produced using formed wood that has a super lustrous complete that opposes chipping and scratching. Also, the curve axes make it simple to expel the seat when it should be cleaned or supplanted.

    This seat is made of durable shaped wood and has a predominant polished complete that is impervious to scratches or chipping. It is a round seat with shading coordinated pivots and guards. It is USA-made, simple to clean, and has a polished complete that supports its stylish esteem. It is additionally moderate, has a straightforward STA-TITE securing system, and fit all round bowl makers’ toilets.

    This seat is accessible in white, scone/cloth and bone and you can look over round or stretched. Keep in mind to coordinate the toilet situate size to the span of your toilet bowl. Since, an extended toilet seat won’t chip away at a round toilet bowl. It is likewise reasonable, has a primary STA-TITE affixing system, and fit all round bowl makers’ toilets.

    #6 Recommendation: American Standard 5330.010.020 Champion Slow Close Round Front Toilet Seat with Cover, White

    American Standard 5330.010.020 Champion Slow Close Round Front Toilet Seat has a striking white topic, made of premium-review polished shaped wood that stays warm year round, has a fixing spread that contains scents well, as well as keeps pets from drinking toilet water.

    The solid plastic development is robust and straightforward to keep purified and clean. It has a moderate close component, novel simple lift-off element for cleaning and fits any standard or lengthened toilet. Rather than acquiring the shoddy plastic toilet seats that break once in a while and squeeze thighs when being used, purchase this model for the best understanding.

    The dual-faced glue washer and standard jolts it accompanies ease establishment, while its stable and non-wiggly outline is amusing to utilize, autonomous of weight. American Standard is likely a standout amongst the most well-known names in toilets. The streamlined, calm plan makes it an incredible expansion to your restroom.

    American Standard is the toilet of decision for lodgings, airplane terminals, stadiums and different spots of business and is the toilet found in upwards of 3 out of 5 homes in America. It is a Champion among numerous that are worked to last, made of coroplast material intended to look like chinaware. In addition, it highlights a moderate close cover and is effortlessly separable for simple cleanup.

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    As an expression of counsel, you have to quantify your current toilet bowl and see to it that the separation between the pivot post and the measure of the toilet bowl matches with this model.

    The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Toilet Seats

    There are couple of things which you ought to consider while purchasing a best toilet situate for you. Assess these things as elements and picked an immaculate one for your toilet.

    Measurements and Standards

    Measure from the divider behind the bathroom to the focal point of one of the wardrobe jolts (that hold the toilet down). If the toilet has four storage room jolts, measure to the focus of one of the back ones. Measure from the focal point of the mounting openings to the back of the new toilet you’re thinking about.

    Toilet Bowls

    Toilet dishes are accessible in round and lengthened (oval) shapes. Extended dishes are typically two inches longer than round dishes and offer extra solace. Similarly, as with harsh in standards, ensure your space will suit a lengthened bowl before you purchase. Round dishes are for the most part less costly and function admirably in little spaces

    Flushing System

    The flush valve, which is situated at the focal point of the tank, is enacted by the flush lever and discharges the water held in the tank. The bigger the flush valve, the higher the rate of a water stream. Flush levers are situated either as an afterthought, front or top of the tank.

    To recreate a washroom’s most exceedingly terrible bad dream, we sent a deliberate blend of child wipes, wipes, plastic balls, and water-filled latex sleeves to see whether a toilet would stop up. We likewise gaged how well the flush cleans the toilet bowl and moves squander down the depleted line.


    Most toilet seats are head of high-effect plastic or plastic covering over composite wood. Plastic seats are accessible in white, black and a few pastel hues. Plastic toilet seats can be exceptionally icy in winter Furthermore in summer when the focal air is running, and they will probably part and tend to show marks from cleaning.


    The kind of toilet you pick characterizes how this respect can be made, so you ought to check the tallness and distance across of both the nozzle and the dirt pipe) and position of soil pipes all together that you can pick a toilet that will work with it.

    If your nozzle and soil pipe are different statures, you can utilize an adaptable connector to go along with them – again you’ll require the breadth to pick the correct one for you.


    Firmer seats are better for exchanges, and the delicate toilet seats are more agreeable for individuals recouping from surgery or labor, yet they can make transfers to and from wheelchairs or shower seats more difficult. A few people favor delicate toilet seats over the standard hard ones basically in light of the fact that they observe cushioned toilet seats to be more agreeable and hotter than customary toilet seats.