Leaving your chopping boards unclean can cause a massive growth of bacteria on their surfaces. These bacteria are not visible to the eye and you never know when they can harm you and your family. So, before things get worse, take time knowing how to clean your chopping boards.

Keeping your chopping boards clean is very similar to your priorities—it is very important. The same as how you clean and take care of your pots, pans, and glassware, you should also pay attention to chop board tidy on a daily basis. Clean chopping boards will keep the preparation of your food safe and uncontaminated, prevent unwanted odors in your kitchen as well as keep your tummy settled.

Below are useful tips on how to clean your chopping boards. You can follow these tips to take care of your plastic or wooden chopping boards for you to enjoy every food at ease.

For Wooden Chopping Boards

How you make use of your wooden chopping board tells how you should clean and take care of it. If you often chop nuts or veggies, you should run the chopping board under warm or hot water. Apply dishwashing soap or liquid to a brush or sponge and then scrub the wooden surface chopping board for a couple of minutes. Stand the chopping board against the wall and allow it to dry.

If you used it in chopping raw meat, it is recommended that you disinfect it using a 3% hydrogen peroxide. Pour it over the chopping board surface, spread it using a brush or sponge and leave it for some minutes. Wipe off excess liquid with the sponge when the time is up.

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However, it is a rule not to chop raw meat using a wooden chopping board because bacteria may seep into the wood’s crevices, contaminating and festering te surface. Also, avoid placing your wooden chopping board in dishwashers because the surface will dry out and cause cracks.

The solution for a dehydrated chopping board is applying oil on the surfaces at least once a month. Beeswax and mineral oil are better choices than olive oil as it becomes rancid easily. Beeswax and mineral oil are great for moisture replenishment. Juts spread the mineral oil or beeswax all over the board using a cloth and leave it for about 24 hours then remove the excess liquid the next day.

For Plastic Chopping Boards

Unlike the wooden ones, plastic chopping boards can absolutely swim into your dishwasher. You should be using the hottest setting to make sure that the board will be completely washed, getting rid of bacteria. Plastic chopping boards are less porous compared to wooden boards. They can handle raw meat better.

If you want to hand wash your plastic chopping board, just run hot water on both sides and then scrub it with a dish soap and sponge. Then, spray 1 and ½ teaspoons of solution (chlorine bleach) on a pint of water and all over the entire plastic board for 2 minutes to kill impurities. After that, rinse the solution and let dry your plastic chopping board upright.

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