In the kitchen, where continues cooking takes place day by day, oil stains and oil spills are generally expected in some surfaces, including kitchen cabinets, stove area, floors, adjacent walls, and even in ceilings.
Oil stains were observed after taking various preventive measures. Over a period of time, the oil stains are becoming prominent to most kitchens and it becomes a problem by many. Cleaning oil stains become a challenge to us, as it requires a lot of effort to get us through it.

However, with the help of few effective steps, you can remove the oil stains, which stubbornly sticking to some surface of your kitchen. Here are some of the tips you can put on your list when you encounter oil stains in your cooking haven.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Kitchen Oil Stains

As one of the best cleaning agents used by many, baking soda can help remove the kitchen oil stains. Combine the baking soda with the fair amount of water to use on the surface. Using a sponge dipped in the baking soda solution, you can wipe the oil stain area. The baking soda has the ability to lighten the oil stains. If the stain is still in the area, kindly repeat the steps until the stubborn stain is removed.

Use Lemons to Remove Kitchen Oil Stains

The superb mixture of lemon and baking soda is the ideal one in removing stubborn kitchen oil stains at home. Mix the lemon juice with a baking soda. Rub the mixed cleaning solution in the oil stains. Without baking soda, you may use the lemon alone in removing the dirt. Using a slice of lemon, you can rub it in the affected area, as it is one of the best ways to remove kitchen oil stains at home.

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Use Mineral Oils to Remove Kitchen Oil Stains

The mineral oil such as olive oil, as one of the best ways to use, can also help remove oil stain in your kitchen – this is a fight between two oils. On a tissue paper, put some mineral oil and rub it on the affected surface thoroughly. The oil stain is reduced as well as the oil gunk is effectively removed.

Use Detergent to Remove Kitchen Oil Stains

Using detergent in removing oil stains from your floors, cabinets, stoves as well as other kitchen accessories, you can effectively see the visible result at the end. By mixing the detergent in a warm water, you can have an oil stain cleaning solution quickly and easily. Wipe it on a surface using a sponge. The warm water, as well as the detergent, is a very effective cleaning solution for oil stains and other stains in your kitchen. You can also use it in your utensils that with stubborn oils.

Cleaning kitchen oil stains have never been so fast and easy using the effective methods mentioned above. You do not have to struggle that much just to acquire a fresh, new kitchen again. By cleaning it regularly with an appropriate technique, your cooking routine can be fun, exciting and clean.

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