Among all types of furniture at home, your leather sofa can be one of the hardest and challenging things to clean and maintain beyond the fact that it looks sophisticated and elegant in nature. Using improper techniques in cleaning, the furniture can easily be damaged. However, by following the appropriate tips below, you can ensure a safe and effective cleaning in your beloved furniture.

Before We Start the Cleaning Process

Determine what type of leather sofa you are cleaning. Typically, you can find this type of information attached to the tags of your furniture or at the written material that is distributed with your leather sofa. For more information, you may contact your manufacturer or retailers about this matter. By knowing the essentials about your leather sofa, you can avoid or prevent yourself from using inappropriate cleaning solution.

Things Needed in Cleaning

For a regular cleaning, we will need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, a mild liquid body or facial soap, buckets, distilled water (tap water may possibly contain chlorine and contaminants that will damage the leather surface), four rags, sink, and a water-based leather conditioner or protector.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Instruction

Vacuum the leather sofa thoroughly. Use a smaller hand-held, less powered vacuum if the suction is very strong in order to prevent the marks leave on the surface of the leather. Combine few drops of a liquid soap (about a quart of a distilled water) and mix it until the suds are formed. Try a small and inconspicuous area of the leather sofa to test the solution.

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Dip the rag in your soapy solution and wring it out thoroughly. Just work in a single section at a time by wiping the leather sofa surface using the damp rag. In a separate sink without a soap solution, dip a rag in a distilled water and wring it thoroughly to wipe away the entire soap residue.

Use the third rag to dry the surface thoroughly. Using the fourth clean rag, buff the leather sofa surface in order to restore the luster. Finally, treat the sofa surface with a leather conditioner or protector as per the product instructions.

Additional Advice and Tips

When you see a spill or dirt in your leather sofa, clean it immediately before it gets stubborn. Leather has a porous material in nature and when you allow the liquid to penetrate the surface for hours, you may have difficulty in cleaning it. Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners on the leather sofa because it can damage the surface. Dust or vacuum your leather sofa regularly to help it breathe, so it can last longer.

You can easily gain back the beauty, elegance, and functionality of your leather sofa at home by following the simple steps. Why spend and buy a new one if you can afford to beautify the old one. By just regularly cleaning your leather sofa and other furniture at home, you can make it last a long time.

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