Though steam iron at home does not need cleaning on a regular basis, you still need to put much attention to it. Like other appliances, it also needs to be cleaned. Your steam iron needs to be cleaned more necessarily at the time you happen to disregard the instruction of your manufacturer for using a distilled water instead of the usual tap water.

Aside from the fact that it can collect stains, dirt and grime, you also need to pay attention to the portions where burnt fabrics stick when you iron clothes that leave stains. Moreover, the dust and rust particles are stuck on a sole plate, which may cause wrinkling to the ironed fabrics.

Moreover, the accumulated residue and dirt may also decrease the performance of the iron over time. So, to let you have a clean steam iron that has a total functionality, we will introduce to you the effective tips you can use in your cleaning your steam appliance.

Use Dryer Sheets

Turn the steam iron setting on low and then rub the few dryer sheets on the bottom of the iron until the accumulated grime and dirt are effectively removed. Then iron on a clean cloth in order to remove the traces of residue found in the dryer sheets.

Use a Damp Cloth

Get a larger rag and dip it into the plain water. Wring the excess water out and wipe the sole pate of the steam iron using this rag if it is heated slightly. This will help get rid of a gunk found on the sole plate. For the resistant stains, use a mild detergent in small amount together with nylon mesh pad.

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Use White Vinegar

Clean the inside part of the steam iron by pouring an amount of white vinegar. You can also use an equal amount of water and vinegar using the water reservoir. Turn the iron on into a medium-high setting heat and let it steam for five to ten minutes so the vinegar will evaporate.

Afterwards, fill its chamber with a plain water and then turn the iron on once again so that the remaining minerals as well as the traces of the vinegar will remove. Wipe the iron’s bottom part together with its steam vents using a paper towel or rag. At the same time, it will also help get rid of the collected rust over the steam vents.

Use a Baking Soda

If there is a stubborn dirt, stains and rusts in the iron’s plate, gently rub a paste of 2 tsp. baking soda with a little water on a its affected areas.

Use a Toothpaste

Scrub the gunk off from the sole plate of the iron using a little amount of toothpaste (do not use a gel toothpaste). Then wipe off using a damp cloth until the mineral deposits and grime buildup will remove.
As a friendly reminder, use your user manual so you will learn how to clean as well as maintain the beauty and functionality of your iron for an efficient and lasting life.

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