The number of mothers who gave birth at the age of 35 years old was few in the past as compared to today. It is evidence two out of ten women today carry out geriatric pregnancy.

The increase in Geriatric pregnancy is a result of a change in attitudes towards women role in the society we are living today. They are career women who prefer giving birth when their career is about to end.

The number of mature women getting pregnant after the age of 35 years is increasing in number and moving to the mainstream.


Geriatric Pregnancy Time Frame

So What Is a Geriatric Pregnancy? It is defined as one where the mother is 35 years old or above, fertility in women decreases with age; the less old a woman is the high chances of getting pregnant.

Getting a woman pregnant depends entirely on the time frame, in real life situation a healthy 30 years old woman has about 20percent chances of getting a baby each month and with time she reached 40 years plus the chances changes to only 5 percent per month.

History behind Geriatric Pregnancy

Cases of geriatric pregnancies were rare a generation ago and beforehand. The women in the past were not exposed to contraceptives pills and injections as of the women of today hence the increase of geriatric pregnancies.

A woman’s role in the past decades was bearing children and was seen as a homemaker, and they had few career opportunities and responsibilities outside their homes.

If it happened a woman whose 35 years old or older gave birth in the 70’s she was considered as “elderly mother.” 

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Geriatric Pregnancy Increase

In these days we are living, it is estimated about 20 percent of married and single women hold off giving birth until the age of 35 years or older to attain their career goals.

Women consider relishing their careers before they settle and have babies. This is a result of the women’s role in the society today. This has resulted in higher numbers of geriatric pregnancies.

Top actors and stars have joined the list including Halle Berry, Madonna and other Hollywood stars who considered working on their career before settling down to start a family.

Geriatric Pregnancy Complications

Geriatric Pregnancy is twice likely to be complicated compared to healthy pregnancy. A woman stands small chances of complication or pregnancy risk when they get pregnant below 34 years older or less.

Geriatric Pregnancy complications include miscarriages, the danger of exposing the baby to Down syndrome and others. However, women aged 35 years old are advised to take a test which can help in preventing abnormalities in the fetus.

When a mother to go for screening the complication they may experience during their pregnancy period may be screened and the solution offered at an early stage of gestation.

It is possible to have a baby at 35 or older, but it’s wiser to consider having children when you a woman is below 34 years old to increase chances of getting pregnant and eliminate complication worries.

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