Weight loss is hard at any age, but if you’re over 50 it is especially difficult to shake those extra pounds. If you find yourself packing on the pounds after the holidays, here are three simple solutions to start losing weight before the New Year.


1. Set Realistic Goals

You can sabotage your weight loss goals by just saying that you need to lose weight. That can be daunting, so you should set a goal and make it simple and realistic. For instance, saying that you want to lose 5 pounds in 3-4 weeks is a better target than saying you need to lose 100 pounds. Of course, 5 pounds may not be anywhere near your weight loss goals, but studies show that people who set small targets achieve more. Once you accomplish that goal you can then set another one.

2. Don’t Wait Until the New Year

The sales for weight loss books and programs climb in the New Year because weight loss is a popular goal. The problem is that people abandon these goals before January is out. A huge percentage of New Year’s resolutions are not realistic, is it any wonder that goal setters abandon them? Don’t wait until the New Year to set your goal. Start now and keep it simple and realistic, and by the New Year you’ll be well on your way.

3. Eat Smart

Stop counting calories and eat. Diets that consist of foods that you’ve never heard of, or those that leave you hungry are discouraging. The result? You’ll come off the diet even before it’s had a chance to work. Eat, but choose healthier options if your diet is made up of sugary and fried foods. Eat, but reduce your portions. Studies show that the average person eats well past the amount required by the body. Eat smaller meals more often and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to lose weight.

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4. Get Moving

Moving from a sedentary lifestyle into a suddenly active one is very difficult. Instead of plunging head first into an intense exercise routine set a goal to start moving a little bit more every day. Choose the back of the car park instead of the front. Get on the treadmill while watching your favorite show on television, instead of lying on the sofa. Make a decision to move a little bit more every day. A little more daily movement will do wonders for your health.

5. Keep the Momentum

Keep setting small goals that are easy to accomplish, and once you achieve your goals you’ll want to keep going. The sense of accomplishment that you’ll feel will motivate you to keep the momentum. Friends and family will notice the weight loss, and that will also serve to bolster your ego, and inspire you to lose more. By the New Year when everyone else is just getting started you’ll already be well on your way.

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