Flowers serve many purposes – from adding a splash of color to a room to showing someone special that you love them. They are often given as a sign of support at the hospital or congratulations for a special event or occasions.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Giving someone a beautiful bouquet can quickly bring a smile to their face. If you are looking for a gorgeous flower, consider picking something from this list of the top 15 most beautiful flowers in the world.

#15 – The Water Lily


The picture of serenity, the water lily sits gently on top of the water. There are three varieties of water lilies – the common water lily, the yellow water lily, and the lotus. This aquatic plant looks so peaceful and helps to bring color to small bodies of water.

Due to the beauty of the flower, it has been widely cultivated and has even become an invasive species in some habitats. It can slowly spread through moving bodies of water and once overgrown it is difficult to eradicate the presence of water lilies.

#14 – Chocolate Cosmos


One of the rarest flowers in the world, the chocolate cosmos has a deep brown, chocolatey texture and color. They are native to Mexico, but most varieties are believed to have died out during the twentieth century.

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#13 – Campion


The Campion is another rare flower that was thought to be extinct at one point. The beautiful pink flower was labeled as extinct in 1992, but in 1994, a hiker came across the flower near the cliffs of Gibraltar.

#12 – Oriental Poppy


The Oriental Poppy is number twelve on this list of the most beautiful flowers and has a large bloom during the spring. The foliage around the flower dies completely so that new leaves can bloom again during autumn rains.

#11 – The Ghost Orchid


This delicate orchid was originally thought to be extinct twenty years ago, but have been found again. They remain very rare and are nearly impossible to propagate. They do not have any leaves and are unable to utilize photosynthesis. Though, they can survive for many years and are only found in remote forests in Florida and Cuba.

#10 – Lantana


The lantana is truly a beautiful flower. It features several symmetrical pads, with four yellow pad encircled by a series of purple pads. Though, there are also other colors, such as pink, yellow, and white. The bush from which the flowers grow can become very large, so the flowers are not easily cultivated for mass production. They attract butterflies and the petals actually change colors as they age.

#9 – Bleeding Heart


Bleeding hearts have soft, lovely look that will bring more cheer to any garden. They typically bloom between April and June and come in various colors, including red, white, and pink. They have a bulbous bulb shaped like a heart.

#8 – Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

The yellow and purple lady slippers are rare and definitely unique. This uniqueness is a part of their charm. A member of the orchid family, the plant slowly become extinct in nature and is now only cultivated in specific areas. Though, some believe that these species are not the same yellow and purple lady slippers that previously went extinct.

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#7 – Jade Vine


Jade vine is only found in the Philippines and is one of the rarest and most beautiful flowers on the planet. It has unique claw-shaped petals that are delicate and intricate. These petals sprout from hanging trusses which are capable of growing to three meters in length.

#6 – Cherry Blossoms


The cherry blossom tree is closely associated with the island nation of Japan. Many festivals are held throughout the country during the spring season, when the colors turn bright shades of white and light pink. They are truly stunning to view and give you a sense of peace of tranquility.

#5 – Orchids


There are many varieties of orchids. In fact, there are over 23,000 species to choose from. Some of them are incredibly rare while others are mass produced. Many species of orchids are named after the creatures or insects that they appear to mimic. It is believed that some orchids appear the way that they do in order to attract specific creatures to promote cross-pollination.

#4 – Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas have beautiful, vibrant colors and are among some of the prettiest flowers on the planet. They are native to America, Eastern Asia, and Southern Asia. There are two main types of hydrangeas – mophead and lace cap. Mophead hydrangeas have flat heads, while the lace cap is typically round.

#3 – Tulips


Tulips belong to the Liliaceae family of flowers, with over 109 different species. They are perennials that bloom in the spring time. The plant can vary in height, depending on the species, between four and twenty-eight inches. Cultivation of the plant started in Persia during the 10th century, but they soon spread to other countries.

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#2 – Dahlias


The Dahlia definitely needs to end up towards the top of the list. It is a stunning flower, with a splendid display of petals. They are large flowers, with a wide bloom and hundreds of petals. They are the national flower of Mexico and native to the country.

#1 – The Rose


At the top of the list of the most beautiful flowers in the world is the rose. There really is no other flower as sweet as the rose. It is the most popular flower and the heart of the flower industry.

Billions of dollars in rose sales around the world make it the perennial favorite. It is native to Asia, but is now found in over 2,800 species and is grown in regions all over the world. There are so many shades, from a light pink to a deep red.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you should be able to agree that these are some beautiful flowers. While you may not be able to grow all of these plants in your region, if you are looking for a way to quickly add some color to a room – consider growing something from this list of the top 15 beautiful flowers in the world.

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