Here is a list of the top 10 most popular female singers in 2017. These women are responsible for huge portion of all the great music we have been able to enjoy in the past few years and are still going strong into 2017.

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10. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an American born actress turned singer. She began her career as a child star on The Disney Channel and gained popularity in the Disney home production ‘Camp Rock’. From there she moved into the music industry with her debut album ‘Don’t Forget’ selling more than half a million copies. Demi Lovato’s voice is probably most recognisable for the hit song ‘Let it go’ from the record breaking Disney movie ‘Frozen’, a song that allowed her to showcase her powerful vocals and really burst onto the music scene. All of this helped her to earn her spot in the top 10 most popular female artists in 2017.

9. Nicki Minaj

Onika Maraj, better known by her stage name Nicki Minaj arguably takes the title of Rap Queen for 2017 with few other artist in her genre coming close. This high profile superstar has had huge success in recent years since she burst onto the music scene with her debut studio album ‘Pink Friday’ which peaked at number one on the US billboards back in 2010. Since then Nicki has just gone from strength to strength and in 2015 was listed in Forbes magazine’s list of highest paid hip-hop artists. So we don’t see why 2017 should be any different for the star.

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8. Sia


Another singer who has no shortage of mega hits is of course Australia’s Sia Furler. Having been around the music scene for almost twenty years, Sia is responsible for a huge number of chart-topping hits for other artists such as Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ and Ne-Yo’s ‘Let Me Love You’ along with her own chart-topping tracks like ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’. Sia showcases an extraordinary talent for both song writing and performing. Sia has also managed to maintain a ‘modicum of privacy’ with a certain air of mysteriousness and ability to hide her face from the public, but having said that she is still a powerful force in the music industry.

7. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus began her acting/singing career at the age of 13 in 2006 with the hugely popular Disney show Hannah Montana. From a young age it seemed she was destined for stardom and it seems that is exactly what she achieved. Leaving her popular teen idol image behind her, Miley gained huge success with songs like ‘We Can’t Stop’ and the super hit ‘Wrecking-ball’, the latter turning her into a highly controversial figure and one who never fails to shock her fans with her antics. With her ability to constantly make headlines its no wonder that Miley is able to make her way into the most popular list of 2017.

6. Jennifer Lopez

The New York born singer/actress has been in the spotlight for almost twenty years. Aside from her acting career, J-Lo has been a chart topping superstar for what seems like an eternity with huge hits like ‘Waiting for tonight’ and ‘If you had my love’ released in 1999. In 2014, she hit the charts with  ‘Girls’ and ‘Same Girl’. Showing us why she is one of the best in the business.

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5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is not only an exceptionally talented singer but also a sharp businesswoman and successful actress. Since the release of her debut album ‘The Fame’ in 2008, Lady Gaga has been unstoppable in the music scene. She is responsible for many super hits like ‘Pokerface’ , ‘Telephone’ and ‘Just Dance’ which have all been number one hits all over the world. She is also known for her outlandish fashion sense both onstage and off. For the last few years it has been almost impossible to go a day without hearing Lady Gaga on the radio and in 2017 she is still at the top of her game.

4.  Adele

This London born singer-songwriter began her career back in 2006 using the platform ‘Myspace’ to gain recognition from record labels and secure herself a spot at the top of the worlds greatest female artists. With massive hits like ‘Rolling in the deep’ and ‘Set fire to the rain’ Adele made a statement that she was here to stay and after a brief hiatus to focus on her family life, Adele came back strong in 2017 with her chart topping track ‘Hello’. With an estimated forty million albums sold worldwide, Adele has truly earned her spot on the list of most popular.

3. Rihanna

Hailing form Saint Michael, Barbados, Rihanna has been at the top of the music industry for many years. Having had some success with a number of her singles early in her career, Rihanna really found popularity with her Grammy nominated album release in 2007 titled ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. Rihanna has no shortage of awards for her work including seven Grammys, two Brit Awards and an impressive eight American Music Awards. Rihanna shows no signs of slowing down as she is constantly releasing new chart topping tracks and taking over the air waves, with 2017 being no exception.

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2. Taylor Swift

Born in 1989, this American singer songwriter has been ruling the airwaves relentlessly for the past few years. Taylor Swift has the prestige of being the youngest songwriter hired by Sony music at the tender age of fourteen, and has never stopped showing the world that she is exactly where she belongs in a list of the most popular and chart dominating artists in the world. From her Best New Artist  Grammy nomination in 2008 for the song ‘Our Story’ which she wrote and sang, to 2017 Taylor Swift has never taken her foot off the gas and has remained at the top of her field breaking record after record for album sales.

1. Beyonce –  The Best Among Most Popular Female Singers in 2017

Beyonce - The Most Popular Female Singers  in 2017

Beyonce is an American born singer songwriter who is more known as a global superstar and icon than for any one feat. Getting her start in music with the hugely successful girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’ Beyonce then went on to launch a solo career that would eclipse the success she gained prior. With the release of her debut album ‘Dangerously in Love’ in 2003 selling more than eleven million copies worldwide, she showed the world that she was ready to dominate the music industry on her own and has had the worlds attention ever since. Beyonce has effectively transcended any genre or title and sits atop the list of the most popular female artist in the world and will probably remain there for many years to come.

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