Gums are definitely fun to chew and having one seems to be a great idea until it ends up in someone’s hair. Getting a gum in your hair often leads to an unplanned hair cut or ends in tears. The good news is that cleaning gum from hair does not have to be too complicated and embarrassing. There are less costly and simple ways to remove that sticky gum off you or someone’s hair. You do not need to run to the nearest barber shop to eliminate the gluey problem.

The Use of the Traditional Methods

There are some home remedies that actually work best to tackle this problem. You have something around your house that can take the gum out of your hair. When dealing with this issue, there are various things to consider, such as the type of gum on your hair, how big is the mess you need to deal with, how much effort and time you are ready to use.

Here are some simple and common methods to consider to effectively remove gum while keeping your beautiful hair intact:

The Use of Vinegar:

Breaking down the gum on your hair can be easy using vinegar. Almost everyone has vinegar in their house, so this is a good option to consider. Use regular white vinegar and soak the gum with the use of a cup or a saturated rag. You will then feel that the gum starts to soften and become slippery. When the gum softens entirely, remove it with a wide comb or with your fingers. Because of its smell, it is not always easy to use vinegar with children, but this is the most accessible and easiest method to deal with a gummed-up hair.

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Just Ice It:

Freezing the gum is one of the most effective ways to get it out of your hair. It can harden the gum to make it more brittle. Once it is crispier than gummy, you should be able to pick it and eliminate the pieces. This technique is best utilized for smaller amounts of gum.

Petroleum Jelly:

Although petroleum jelly isn’t the most ideal for your head, it can provide sufficient lubrication in order to slip the out of your tangled hair. With the use of this method, you should certainly plan on shampooing afterwards to get the greasy feeling out of your head. When using this technique, be sure to separate out only the affected strands of hair. Apply sufficient amount throughout the gummed area, but also make sure to coat the hair below and above the wad. After applying petroleum jelly, take a comb and start brushing to remove the gum from your hair.

Dealing with the Gummy Situation

Peanut butter, cooking oils and mineral oil are also proven to work, especially in removing gum on your pet’s fur or children’s hair. The solvents in lighter fluid and citrus peel extracts are also known to be excellent for softening and breaking down chewing gum, allowing you to remove your sticky problem from hair.

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