Do you know a lady that is going to be retiring soon? Retirement is a momentous occasion. Typically, retirement marks the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. Make sure that you commemorate this by choosing the perfect gift.

Shopping for a retirement gift is a little trickier than shopping for a birthday gift. You want to give something that the person will enjoy, but this gift should also represent the work that the person has done over the years.

12 Awesome Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

For example, instead of giving a woman a blank picture frame for her retirement, you may want to give a picture frame with a custom engraving. By focusing on the fact that she is retiring, you can find something that recognizes this accomplishment.

If you are having trouble coming up with any gift ideas, then use the following 12 awesome gift ideas for women to begin shopping.

#1 – Digital Camera


Most people have a smartphone these days, but not all of these phones are capable of taking a high-quality image. Many retirees decide to begin traveling after retirement. If you suspect that the retiree will be spending time going on trips and traveling, then she may enjoy having a digital camera.

#2 – A Travel Kit

Another travel-themed gift is a travel kit. This could include all the necessities that she needs for a trip, including a compact carry-on bag containing a hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and other bathroom essentials.

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#3 – Books


With more time on her hands, she should have plenty of time to read. Instead of purchasing a single book, consider giving her a book set that includes all of the books in a series. Another option is to give her a digital book reader or a gift certificate to a bookstore – so that she can choose her own books.

#4 – A Movie or Television Collection

Instead of book set, you could consider giving a movie or television collection. Again, she should have more time on her hands, so should be ready to finally catch up on an old television program or finally watch all of the films in a movie franchise. Look for a movie or television collection that you think she will enjoy.

#5 – Spa Gift Certificates

After years of work, she should be ready for a massage and some pampering. Give her a gift certificate or two to a spa. It is up to you whether you purchase a gift card to a spa or pay for an entire spa getaway.

#6 – A Houseplant


A potted plant is not always the best gift idea, but retirement gifts are a bit different from your traditional gifts. Find an easy to care for potted plant that you think she will enjoy. Something that flowers would be a nice addition to any home.

#7 – Chocolates or a Candy Set

Chocolates are a traditional gift, but you may want to get her something larger than your typical box of chocolates. Visit a specialty chocolate shop for a selection of high-end chocolates and sweets. You can often fill a box with an assortment of hand-picked chocolates and candies.

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#8 – A Gardening Kit


A gardening kit is another great idea for a retirement gift for women. Gardening is a calming and relaxing activity. Most gardening kits will come with a selection of seed packets and some basic gardening tools, such as a spade or a small garden rake. If she has never gardened before, then you may want to include a gardening book with some basic tips for gardening and caring for plants.

#9 – Herb Garden Kit

If you do not think that she will enjoy spending time outdoors in a garden, then perhaps an indoor herb garden would be more suitable. You can find kits that include the seeds, small pots that can sit in the window, and instructions for growing the herbs.

#10 – Cookware Set


Everyone can benefit from a new cookware set occasionally. Avoid purchasing a non-stick cookware set, as these often scratch easily. Most cookware sets contain a variety of pots and pans, with sets ranging in size from 8-pieces to 15-pieces being standard.

#11 – Joke Gifts

Joke gifts or humorous gifts are always a fun idea. Shirts or clothing with funny sayings or fake magazine covers with the face of the person that is retiring are a couple examples of funny gifts that she may enjoy. When purchasing humorous gifts, remember to take into consideration the sense of humor of the retiree – some people may not appreciate the joke. These gifts tend to not cost very much, so you may want to consider getting a second gift if this is for someone important in your life.

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#12 – Hobby Supplies

Does she have a hobby or interest? Hobby supplies, such as painting, sewing, or quilting are all great options. You can often find hobby kits that include everything needed to get started, such as a paint set with brushes, paints, and a canvas. Find out if she has a hobby or if she has been thinking about starting a new hobby.

These are a few gift ideas that you may want to think about getting for a woman that is retiring, but they are definitely not your only options. Make sure that you think about the interests of the person that you are purchasing the gift for. Try to find something that she will truly enjoy. Take your time finding the right gift.

Consider some of these gift ideas when shopping for retirement gifts for women. Remember to take into consideration what this person means to you. If your mom is retiring, you may want to spend a little more money than if it was a co-worker that you were shopping for.

In the end, it is the thought that counts, which means that you need to spend the time choosing the right gift and not select the first thing that catches your eye. Use these suggestions as a starting off point in your search for a quality retirement gift for women.

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