Carrying digital cameras is sometimes challenging, especially the larger and heavier ones. Also the fact that these gadgets demand a careful protection against shocks, water, dust, falls and scratches makes them need be carried in decent quality bags. Mostly, every camera manufacturer makes their own bags, but there are available alternatives, which are considerably better. As such, if you are wondering what might be the best camera bag for your newly acquired camera, read through the following top 10 best camera bags in 2017 reviews and, of course, choose one for your convenient use.

10. AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

With a very high rating from the customers who have bought it before, it is right to have the confidence that this camera bag will not disappoint. It is designed to feature a large capacity enough to store one DSLR camera body, 3 lenses, plus pertinent accessories. Moreover, the bag is made of top quality materials, making it sturdy yet lightweight for both safety and convenience. It protects anything inside excellently, and also features port for storing tablet like an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire or Nexus 7.

9. BESTEK® Waterproof Canvas SLR DSLR Digital Camera Bag

From BESTEK is this great quality camera bag boasting a stylish design. As such, if you love fashion, then consider buying this bag for your camera. It aims to feature great compartments which allow for storage of one DSLR camera body, flash, two lenses, chargers, phone, batteries, etc. its front pocket is useful for storing tablet. Moreover, it is a durable and waterproof bag for added protection to your camera in case the weather changes.

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8. Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

This is also among the top 10 best camera bags in 32017 reviews. It is such a great backpack which can comfortably hold camera body with its attached lenses, plus more accessories. Additionally, it utilizes patent-pending hammock system to keep the camera above the case bottom, ensuring it is protected from impacts entirely. Besides, it is a waterproof EVA base for protecting camera from water, and also which makes the bag stand on its own.

7. Case Logic DCB-309 SLR Camera Backpack

Having garnered many high rated reviews from its satisfied customers, the DCB-309 SLR Camera backpack from Case Logic is among the most fantastic types of camera bags featuring cool design. It is specially designed to perfectly fit SLR camera—up to 70 to 200 mm. it also features side and front pockets that you can use to store other accessories. Moreover, this bag’s shoulder straps are well padded to be comfortably soft, and are easily adjustable for a custom fit. And its divider system is easy to adjust to accommodate any of your camera and relevant gears.

6. AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag

Adorned with high customer rated reviews, this is also another greatest quality camera bag you can find on the market. One, its shoulder-strap is soft-padded to offer comfort and adjustable for a customized carrying. The bag’s interior is also padded with soft material to keep anything stored inside ever safe and reduce impacts. The bag can accommodate one DSLR camera body, 2 lenses. It also features a secure slot for tablet storage.

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5. Case Logic DCB-308 SLR Camera Sling

This is one of the highest quality camera bags money can purchase. It is easy to carry, waterproof, and made of soft and shock-absorbing materials, featuring a padded interior for your devices’ safety, and just enough storage space compartments. It can fit a full-size DSLR camera plus several lenses, batteries, chargers, memory cards, and there still will be left room enough for holding a few more accessories. Above all those features, it is not expensively priced yet it is of the best quality.

4. Nikon Digital SLR Camera Case Gadget Bag

Although it is rather seemingly small in size, the Nikon SLR Camera bag-case still manages to provide more than enough storage space for all the accessories a photographer will require. It features a compact design with several compartments for fitting the camera and also multiple lenses and other accessories like batteries, chargers, storage cars, filter sets, etc.

3. USA Gear Compact Backpack for Cameras

The USA Gear is a highly reputed brand that produces high quality items, and this camera backpack is one excellent budget solution for you if you need a rather larger storage space for your camera and gear. The bag can accommodate up to two cameras plus all the relevant accessories. For smaller objects, side pockets are waiting. The bag’s interior dividers are adjustable to offer customized experience.

2. Lowepro Nova 180 AW DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag

The Nova Camera bag by Lowepro is one excellent solution for those who are looking to carry not more than just the basics. It accommodates a full-size DSLR camera as well as two zoom lenses. Moreover, it has quality side pockets proper for storing smaller accessories and also memory card. The full package brings also an extra water resistant sleeve, vital for protecting your camera when it drizzles.

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1. Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case – Best of Camera Bags in 2017
Best Camera Bags in 2017

Case Logic has put more than a few camera bag models on the market, but this DCB-304 is among their most popular and best quality bags. It is a large enough bag to store a camera plus every of its accessories, while retaining its super-compact design that ever makes it easy to carry, wherever. What is more, it is made of water resistant premium quality material, featuring soft padding on the interior for extra protection against bumps and shocks. It is such a great camera bag to buy.

Acquiring a quality camera bag will prove, certainly, just how useful it is, adding to your convenience, comfort, and assurance of camera safety. Wherever you move, you simply carry your camera and likely accessories in the bag, with utmost ease. And to have the greatest experience of using a camera bag, choose from the above top 10 best camera bags in 2017 reviews. They are the best options for the new year.

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