No parties or gatherings are complete without some great drinks along with scrumptious foods. When it is about drinks, be it soft drinks or any cocktails or even beer and wine, ice can simple enhance the drinking experience. So, if you are throwing a party you have to be quite careful that you have a good stock of ice at your house. Even to serve ice in the right manner you will need a good and classy ice tong. If you do not have any, then you can buy one of the best quality and good looking ice tongs for your party. Here are the reviews of the top ten best ice tongs for you –

10. OXO Steel Ice Tongs


This is one of the best ice tongs with high quality steel that assure you good durability. It features sharp teeth that make it easier for you to grab the ice. Since there is a chance of slipping of the ice while grabbing it, these teeth help it to hold tightly. Gripping of the tong is also quite easy and comfortable. It provides a soft grip to hold the tong tightly without any problem. It can be lock closed for easy storage. Washing it is also quite convenient as it is 100 percent dishwasher safe.

9. Outset Ice Tongs


If you are looking for a high quality and stylish looking ice tong, then this will be the best one for you. It comes with grip teeth to grab the ice from the ice bucket. Thus, you can surely get the best secured grip of the ice without any chance of uslipping away. It is made up of some superior quality stainless steel. Though hand washing of this tong is recommended, it is completely dishwasher safe. It looks stylish and a quite a great product for the people.

8. Polished Stainless Steel Ice Tong


This comes with a very unique style and design. It is made up of 18/8 polished stainless steel which is about eight inches in size. It allows proper grip of the ice. The classic wire handle is the best and most unique thing about this. It looks quite classy and elegant. You can easily clean this ice tong with the help of the dishwasher.

7. WMF Manaos/Bistro Ice Tongs


This is a great classy ice tong from the classy Bistro collection which is designed by Peter Baurle. It looks classy as well as quite durable as it is crafted by 18/10 stainless steel. It is also provided with a great shine by high polish finish. Thus, it looks elegant as well as beautiful. The best thing about this tong is the slender necks along with flared handles. It also comes with faceted tips for easier grip of the ice. The working is quite modern and comfortable as well as functional. It is completely dishwasher safe and best for the use in parties.

6. Newness Stainless Steel Ice Tongs


The best thing about this ice tong is that it is highly durable and safe. It is made up of stainless steel which is very easy to clean. It is complete dishwasher safe but still hand washing is recommended for better result. It looks versatile and simple with a modern touch. The grip is quite comfortable. It has perfect teeth to grip the ice properly and there is no chance of it slipping. You can use it for your bar, home kitchen or any buffet.

5. Godinger Leaf 2-Tone Ice Tongs


If you are looking for a high quality and the most elegant ice tong for your party then this is the ideal one. With the dual tone of brass and silver, it looks amazing. The Godinger leaf ice tong is made with brass and silver plating with leaf-motif design. This belongs to the leaf collection that looks pretty decent.

4. Elegance Silver Plated Ice Tong


It comes in a set of two and looks perfect with the silver plating. The fine crafted plating gives a good shine to the tong and it also looks pretty gorgeous. Thus, it is perfect for your home bar where you can show off this in front of your guests and friends. The artistic design is quite eye-catching and is ideal for entertaining guests. Talking about the functions, it is excellent in its job of gripping the ice.

3. Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Ton


This is another great ice tong which is made up of high quality stainless steel. Its length is about seven inches and has a star prong tip. With the help of the star prong tip it becomes quite easier for you to grab the ice easily. When you are taking the ice from the ice bucket into the glass, it is important to have a tight grip. Otherwise the ice may slip out of the tong. So, if you are hosting and entertaining some of the guests at your home for drinks, then this is the ideal one.

2. Browne & Co Cuisipro Ice Tong


While enjoying your evening drinks with your friends and guests, a cool looking ice tong can generally add a lot of elegance to your hosting. With the help of this Browne & Co Cuisipro ice tong you will get elegance as well as versatile functioning. It is designed in such a way that it can easily pick up ice from the ice bucket. It is made up of good quality stainless steel with mirror finish. It is 100 % dishwasher safe.

1. Michael C. Fina Enhlish Silver Plated Ice Tong


This is the best functioning and best quality ice tong. The length of this tong is about 6.2 inches. It looks amazing with silver plating. This ice tong is made in Italy. It can provide with the best gripping facility for the ice. Undoubtedly, it can also add a lot of class and elegance to the entre party. It will surely attract the eyes of the drink lovers at your home.

So, these are the top ten best ice tongs with class and elegance besides their remarkable functioning. You can choose any one of these according to your choice and budget for your house parties.

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