Living in a county, that experience moderate weather condition is a blessing. This is because of its numerous psychological, social, and economic benefits that come with such a country. However, there are countries that are very cold and eagerly waits for summer and other which are very hot. Those countries with a hot climate, the summer are located near the equator and have very hot summers with temperatures reaching a very high level that becomes almost unbearable. Apart from being close to the equator, there are other factors that make a country to having very high temperatures. These factors include population whereby a densely populated country may have high temperatures. Here is a list of the top 10 hottest countries in the world.

Top 10 Hottest Countries In The Worlds

10. Mexico

Top 10 Hottest Countries - mexico-city
Mexico City – Credit: Kasper Christensen

Mexico stands in the tenth position as one of the hottest countries in the world. In this country, the temperatures on a typical summer day may rise to reach as high as 50 degrees Celsius. However, if you want to enjoy your holidays in cool beaches, Mexico is a perfect destination. You can find a number of Mexican cities that offer best summer destination.

9. Somalia

Top 10 Hottest Countries - Mogadishu city
Mogadishu city – Credit: AMISOM Public Information

Somalia is situated in the central part of Africa. Somalia experience high temperatures thought-out the year. The largest area of this country is a semi-arid and arid area that receives very little rainfall. This has caused major droughts and famines. The county has an average temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.

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8. India

Top 10 Hottest Countries - mumbai-city
Mumbai City – Credit: Robin Hickmott

The Himalayas Mountains that are among the largest mountains in the world do not stop the hot winds that come from the Indian Ocean to increase the overall temperature of this country. The average temperature in summer is around fifty degrees Celsius.

7. Sudan

Top 10 Hottest Countries - khartoum
Khartoum City

This country is situated in the northern part of Africa. This country is covered mostly by a desert and has very high temperatures thought-out the year. This country receives very little rainfall leading to drought and famines. The desertification continues to be a major problem because of the ever rising temperature. The country has an average of 52 degrees Celsius.

6. Oman

Top 10 Hottest Countries - muscat-city
Muscat City

This is the richest state in the world. This is one of Arab estate that experiences high temperatures of about 54 degrees Celsius in the summer. This area receives little rainfall and the temperature is always hot and humid throughout the year. The state is rich because of oil mining so the residents are provided with air-conditioned homes.

5. Iran

Top 10 Hottest Countries - Tehran City
Tehran City

This is another Middle Eastern country that experiences hot and humid temperatures all year round. Iran experiences hot summers and winters with an average of forty degrees Celsius.

4. Algeria

Top 10 Hottest Countries - algiers
Algiers City

Algeria stands on the fourth position in our list. This country experiences very hot temperatures during the day, but the temperature drops during the night. The country experiences temperatures above fifty degrees in summers and winters with an average of twenty-five degrees Celsius. The summers are very dry, hot, and humid.

3. Iraq

Top 10 Hottest Countries - baghdad

This country experience the most humid days thought-out the year. The country has recorded some of the highest temperatures in history during the summer. In this country, most summer days have temperatures above fifty degrees. The winters experience an average of thirty degrees Celsius, making it one of the hottest places to live on earth.

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2. Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Hottest Countries - Dubai City
Dubai City

This country is covered by a large desert, making it experience hot temperatures all year round. The country experience very low rainfall and the temperature remain on average of 50 degrees Celsius thought-out the year. Sometimes the temperature rises above fifty-two degrees, making this country the second hottest country in the world

1. Libya – Hottest of Hottest Countries in the World

Top 10 Hottest Countries - Tripoli City - 10 Hottest Countries in the World
Tripoli City

Libya is the hottest country in the world. This country has recorded temperatures above fifty-eight degrees. For those people who do not understand what 58 degrees means, this is very hot temperature. When boiling water, air bubbles start escaping when water reaches around fifty-five degrees Celsius. You can imagine temperature of 58 degrees, at this temperature the human body does not operate the way it is supposed. If you live in a country that experiences moderate temperature and happen to visit this country you may find life unbearable. This country experiences inconsistent rainfall and unpredictable weather. Both winter and summer are hot and humid.

If you complain of having a hot summer before it even hits 35 degrees Celsius, never complain again. There are people who wake up and go to work as you normally do and fight with temperatures as high as fifty degrees throughout the year.

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