The earth has some amazing water bodies, including rivers. Determining the length of a river is a challenging task since it is difficult to know exactly where one river starts and another ends. Nonetheless, there are some arguments about the various lengths of these rivers – particularly those in the first two spots. Those arguments aside, here are the top 10 longest rivers in the world.

The 10 Longest Rivers in the World

10. Amur River (4,444 km)

Amur River (4,444 km)

We begin our countdown with River Amur, which is found in eastern Asia. Part of this river forms the border between Russia and china. This river has continued to play a key part in the relations between these two countries over the years.

9. Congo River (4,700 km)

 Congo River (4,700 km)

Also known as Chambeshi, the Congo is the ninth longest river on the planet, measuring approximately 24,700 kilometers in length. The areas surrounding the Congo feature tropical climate owing to its proximity to the equator. The region, which receives approximately 90 inches of rainfall annually, is packed with fish, water snakes, hippos, elephants and obviously mosquitoes and gnats. The river forms a crucial shipping route in the central African countries. Nonetheless, shipping on the Congo River itself is impossible owing to the many rapids and waterfalls. The Congo is widely regarded as the most water-rich river in Africa and is known as the deepest river on the planet.

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8. Parana (4,880 km)

 Parana (4,880 km)

Also known as the Rio de la Plata, the Paraná River is the eighth longest river in the world. It is one of the largest rivers in the South American basin and flows through Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The river is specifically located between Paraguay and Brazil, but it forms the border between Paraguay and Argentina. The basin around this river is one of the best destinations on the planet to go bird watching.

7. Ob Irtysh (5,410 KM)

Ob Irtysh (5,410 KM)

The Ob Irtysh comes at number seven on the list of the top 10 longest rivers in the world and is located in Russia. The river measures approximately 5,410 kilometers in length, starting where the Katun and Biya Rivers meet and ends at the Gulf of Ob. This river is usually frozen for approximately 60 months each year and was originally utilized for fishing before pollution destroyed its ecosystem.

6. Yellow River (5,464 km)

 Yellow River (5,464 km)

Also called River Huang He, The Yellow River is approximately 3,395 miles long. It is known as the Yellow River because of the lemon colored deposits it collects from the renowned Shaanxi Loess Plateau. The yellow river is China’s second longest river and begins at the Plateau of Tibet and ends in the Yellow Sea. The river is thought to be the birthplace of the successful northern Chinese communities.

5. Yenisei (5,539 km)

Yenisei (5,539 km)

The Yenisei River is also located in Russia and covers a massive 5,539 km in length. It follows from the Hangayn mountains to the delta where the Arctic Ocean and the Kara Sea converge. The Yenisei River is frozen for a large part of every year, although the middle part of the river is managed by huge hydroelectric dams like the Krasnoyarsk Dam.

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4. Mississippi (6,275 km)

Mississippi (6,275 km)

The Mississippi river measures approximately 6375 kilometers in length and is the primary river in the North American region. It flows from northern Minnesota, through the Mississippi Delta and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. While following downwards, this river joins some tributaries and the Missouri river. Its watershed waters 31 states as well as two provinces in Canada. Its name originates from the local Chippewa tribe’s lingua “mici zibi”, which when loosely translated means ‘Great River’.

3. Yangtze (6,300 Km)

Yangtze (6,300 Km)

Also called the Chang Jiang, the Yangtze River is number three on the list of the world’s longest rivers. It covers 6300 kilometers in length and flows from the Plateau Of Tibet in China and ends in the Eastern China Sea. The river plays a major role in the local transportation industry and is hailed for its role in the survival of the ancient Chinese communities. Currently, The Yangtze River is an essential avenue, utilized in commerce each year.

2. Amazon (6,400 Km)

Amazon (6,400 Km)

The Amazon River is widely regarded as the world’s second longest river after the Nile. It spans 6,400 kilometers and at certain spots it becomes the widest river in the world. At one spot, this river spans a massive six miles wide and many experts believe that over 20 percent of its water reaching the ocean originates from the Amazon River. Some of the countries that are covered by Amazon include Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. The river forms a major feature in South America and shares its name with the Amazon Rainforest.

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The Amazon River still plays a major role in the transportation sector in South America and is also used for agricultural purposes. It is without a doubt, the most water-rich river on the planet, and some documentaries have come out to refer to it as the longest river in the world. It also holds nearly 20 percent of the world’s fresh water. During the rainy season, the Amazon often stretches up to 40 km wide. Together with the Amazon rainforest, this river is home to some of the world’s most precious wildlife.

1. Nile (6,650 km) – #1 of The Longest Rivers in The Worlds

Nile - The #1 of Longest Rivers in the World
The Nile is the longest river on the planet and covers 6,650 in length. The Nile is special and unique since it is served by two sources: Uganda and Ethiopia. The Nile is so long that it flows through a number of climatic regions, such as Egypt and Sudan. The river Nile delta is considered to be the most fertile region in the area it covers and acts as a habitat to a broad array of flora and fauna, including the superb Nile Valley Sunbird. Tourists will enjoy cruising down the river to explore the magnificent sites.

The longest rivers on earth are magnificent and of great importance in each region they flow through. Keep your eyes open whenever you visit any of these sites and you might end up exploring these wonderful rivers. These rivers form a major part of the development of every region around them. In prehistoric times, for example, urban areas would spruce up on the banks of these water bodies, providing the earliest civilizations with everything they needed for their ultimate survival.

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