Fleas live on warm vertebrates thus making your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even you become their hosts. The fleas lay many eggs, making them to multiply fast if you do not get rid of them quickly. The eggs can stay dormant for almost a year; this is why it is very hard to control these creatures. You can kill all the living fleas and if you do not continue using the correct ways to eradicate them, other hatch from the dormant eggs and start giving you sleepless night once again. We have done an extensive research and come up with the Top 10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Fleas In House.

Top 10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Fleas In House

10. Use of warm and soapy water

Using warm and soapy water to wash the areas affected by fleas will help you in driving the fleas away. Ensure that you wash your pet’s coat thoroughly using this warm and soapy water and ensure that you do it regularly. It is also important to ensure that the pet is also free from these insects before washing its coat.

9. Use of bay leaves

You can sprinkle bay leaves on the areas infested with these insects. These areas may include your carpets, the pet’s kennel, furniture, upholstery, and bedding. The bay leaves have a scent that eradicates fleas and other insects from your home.

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8. Vacuuming all rooms and other spaces in your house

Ensure that every part of your house is well cleaned to remove this pest. Move the furniture, vacuum the areas, and ensure that you take care of tight spaces. Ensure that you empty the canister away from your home or throw it away to avoid taking the fleas back to your house.

7. Use Nylar for your flooring

When you use Nylar or pyriproxfen as your flooring materials, you can have the ability to remove these creatures effortlessly. These products help you in controlling the fleas by preventing the flea’s eggs from hatching. This kind of florin material will not only help you to eradicate the existing fleas, but also prevent them from increasing.

6. Aromatic citrus spray

You can effetely remove the fleas from your house by using a natural stray made from citrus fruits. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon have a strong aroma that can keep the fleas away. You need to boil a few pieces of lemon or oranges for about ten minutes and fill it in a bottle of stray. Spray every room in your house and remember to do this after every three days for you to remove all the fleas from your home.

5. Treating the rugs and the carpets

If your pet sleeps on your carpets or rugs you should ensure that, you treat them to remove the eggs and larvae. For you to remove the eggs together with the fleas you need to dip your rugs and carpets in boiling water and let it stay for a few minutes before hanging them to dry.

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4. Winter green and eucalyptus spray

Use about four to five drops of eucalyptus and mix with wintergreen oil and make a spray that is very effective in chasing away the fleas. Ensure you spray your entire house and inside the cabinets and in appliance for you to cover all the infested areas.

3. Use salt

Use o salt may seem ineffective but they are very cheap and effective ingredient that kills and drives the fleas away from your house. Salt acts as a dehydrating agent and dry the water from their skin making them to die. Ensure that you sprinkle salt on carpets and rugs and other places where the fleas have infested to eradicate them.

2. Calendula oil

This oil will not only keep the fleas away from your pet but also relieve the itching sensation. When a pet is infested with these creatures, it tends to scratch vigorously dropping the fleas to the floor of where the pet sleeps. After applying this oil ensure you use vinegar to spray the surrounding or to give your pet a bath.

1. Use vinegar

Vinegar is the most effective product to ensure that all the fleas are gone forever. You can spray the infested areas with diluted vinegar to keep these annoying creatures at bay. It is important to give your pet a bath with water that is mixed with vinegar. By adding the vinegar and antibacterial shampoo to your pet bath water, you will eliminate all the fleas hiding on the pet hide. Vinegar also kills the larvae and the eggs of the fleas.

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These methods to remove the pests are simple to use and are very effective in eradicating these creatures. The products that you can use are cheap and locally available. Ensure you utilize these tips and your home will become more comfortable for you and for your pets.

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