The internet is arguably one of the most influential technologies in the world right now. There are more than 3 billion internet users all over the world and their number is increasing exponentially.  The primary purpose of the internet is the connectivity so that people can communicate and socialise. There are lots of online platforms which allow people to chat with each other. There are some advanced tools which allow people to send pictures and do video chatting but still chatting through text is the most popular way of communication.  The popularity of text message on the internet can be realised from the fact that everyday people 23 billion text messages to each other through the internet.


Like all other things, the world of chatting also evolved with the passage of time. People developed lots of slang words to convey their message quickly to all kinds of people. Some of those slangs got global recognition and became popular worldwide. Some of them even made it to the dictionary of English and other languages. The number of slang words is increasing with the time. Some of the widely used chat slangs with their meaning and usage are listed here.

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What is the meaning of “LOL” ?

Lol: LOL is the short form of “laughing out loud”. People use it frequently to show that they are laughing on other person’s message. It is time-consuming and frustrating to write the whole phrase therefore people prefer to use the abbreviations. Some people also include multiple Os in the lol and use the word LoooL to show that they are laughing hilariously and enjoy the previous message a lot. It is one of the most popular chat slang and you will find it on almost every funny post of social media.

What is the meaning of “LMAO” ?

Lmao: It is the abbreviation of “laughing my arse (ass) off”. It is used to express immense pleasure over a joke, comment, or situation. It can be said that it is the second degree of lol. If you find something extremely funny and unable to find words to express your feelings then you use “lmao”. You can use all capital letters to clearly indicate that you genuinely found the message of the sender extremely entertaining.

What is the meaning of “ROFL” ?

Rofl: What happen when a kid finds something extremely funny or when someone tickles him? They usually start rolling on the floor out of joy. Rofl is used in the same situation and its acronym is “rolling on the floor laughing”. Some people also us roftl instead of rofl but both slangs are same. It is the third degree of lol and only used in the special case. This slang is somewhat exaggeration of feelings but it provides the graphical picture in just four letters.

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What is the meaning of “Brb” ?

Brb: It is the short form of “be right back”. If you want to pause your chatting session due to some emergency then you can use this slang. It will let other person know that you will be off the radar for next few moments. This slang is not used to end the conversation therefore it is ethical to return back after using this slang.

What is the meaning of “Btw” ?

Btw: is the short form of “by the way”. You must know when to use it if you have basic knowledge of English language. In most cases people use it change the topic abruptly. It is one of the best slang words to divert the attention of other person on chat.

What is the meaning of “Thx” ?

Thx: It is the short form of “thanks” which used in place of “thank you”. Thanks are sorry are two widely used words in formal English. People use thx to express their gratitude toward other person for his favor. Some people try to avoid this slang because it does not show the appropriate level of gratitude. It means if someone gives you a huge favor then you must use the formal word with some other thanking notes.  On the other hand, if you want to show a routine gratitude without focusing too much then you can use this slang.

What is the meaning of “NP” ?

Np: it is the abbreviation of “no problem”. Some people confuse it with “nope” but you should keep the real meaning of this slang in mind so that when next time someone uses this slang you know what he wants to tell you. Yu can use this slang if someone apologises to you over the text message. You can also use it show your agreement. For instance, if someone asks you permission to share your picture then you can use this slang to give your permission in just two letters, which is pretty amazing.

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Other Useful Internet Slangs You Should Know

  • IDK: I Don’t Know
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
  • IMO: In my Opinion
  • IMHO: In my Humble Opinion
  • BFF: Best Friend Forever
  • JK: Just Kidding
  • OMG: Oh My God
  • WTF: What The F**k
  • WTH: What The Hell
  • WYWH: Wish You Were Here
  • XOXO: Hugs and Kisses

All these chat slangs are letting people convey their message in minimum words. You should also know these slangs to blend it the world of internet chatting otherwise you may left alone during group chat sessions.

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