The worst thing that can happen to a basketball player is a knee injury. The injury is likely to get you on the bench for a while. You need the best Basketball Knee Pads to prevent such injuries from happening. The pads are also known to help you recover faster from an injury. This means that you need to find the right type of knee pads to wear during the game. Below are the top 10 best basketball knee pads to wear in 2017.

10. Actpe Basketball Strengthen Kneepad

 Actpe Basketball Strengthen Kneepad

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The kneepad is made of a high quality material that will last for a long time even after several washes. The material is still soft to comfortably fit on the knee. The elastic polyester fabric makes it suitable to be worn by people with different knee sizes. The fabric is still breathable thus the sweat can be expelled from the fabric leading to no more smelly kneepads.

9. Pardus Strengthen Extended Compression Crashproof Kneepad

Pardus Strengthen Extended Compression Crashproof Kneepad

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The material used to make this kneepad is breathable. It makes the kneepad great for using when playing for long hours. The kneepad is still designed to relieve muscle and joint pain in a player. You will no longer have to worry about stiffness and soreness you get from using other types of kneepads. The honeycomb design on the pad protects the leg and knee from cases of impact.

8. Blitzu Knee Sleeves

Blitzu Knee Sleeves

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The knee sleeves use a compression technique that guarantees better balance and support to the patella and knee area. The material still is of high quality and can offer great flexibility to a player while playing. The sleeves are extremely comfortable making them suitable for different outdoor activities all day long. When wearing the sleeves, it is hard to notice any irritation because of the softness of the material.

7. Vnfire Strengthen Crashproof Kneepad

 Vnfire Strengthen Crashproof Kneepad

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The kneepad comes with an anti-slip band that makes the pad not easy to fall off. With the honeycomb design, the compression pad will protect your leg and knee against cases of impact. The kneepad still has an exquisite design that protects the knee and provides stability. Since the fabric is breathable, it can still be used for other activities such as golf, cycling, football and baseball.

6. FVstar Unisex Kneepads

FVstar Unisex Kneepads

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With the unisex design, both men and women in various sports can use the kneepads. The use of EVA foam as padding provides the best protection from impact during the game. The material used to make the pads is a combination of nylon, spandex and EVA foam, which are all durable. These pads will still provide support to the knee joint from any injury.

5. McDavid 6440 HexForce Kneepad

McDavid 6440 HexForce Kneepad

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From its look, the pad offers a different design from what you are used as kneepads. The pad comes with a highly versatile pad that offers more protection than most pads in its category. The kneepad is incorporated with a Moisture Technology that will cool and dry the pads whenever you sweat while playing.

4. Mojo Compression Celliant Fiber Kneepad

Mojo Compression Celliant Fiber Kneepad

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The kneepad is great for offering support to weak or swollen knees. It is comfortable with the top band keeping the support pad in place. The kneepad can be contoured anatomically to fit people with different knee shapes. The pads is also known to treat musculoskeletal of the knee joint. With such capability, the pad will improve circulation and encourage faster recovery.

3. Adjustable Silicon Knee Protector

Adjustable Silicon Knee Protector

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The pad has an adjustable design that fits on both legs. You can change it from one leg to the other with a lot of ease. The pad provides impressive protection against bumps and bruises during the game. With the breathable neoprene material will help to retain the heat and speed up the recovery period of a knee injury.

2. Mizuno Adult Slider Kneepad

Basketball Knee Pads

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The kneepad is made of a mixture of different materials such as cotton, polyester and spandex. With all these materials, the pad is seen to be durable. With an inner 3/8 inch neoprene panels, you can be sure of a maximum protection of the knee from impact. The contour design offers a wide base that will protect the knee from all sides.

1. Extended Compression Leg Sleeve Kneepad – Best of Basketball Knee Pads

Extended Compression Leg Sleeve Kneepad

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The manufacturer made sure that the pad could offer full protection to the knee and the legs. You would feel comfortable and confident when wearing such as kneepad when playing basketball. The material is soft and breathable to offer more comfort to the wearer. The material is still elastic to fit people with different knee sizes on the basketball team.

Playing a game such as basketball needs someone to be keen and ready as the game is fast paced. You need to have the right protection just in case an accident happens. The most important protection you need is the kneepad. The kneepad will reduce the knee injury impact and still keep you on the pitch for more games. Now that you know about the best kneepads, it is time to start protecting yourself more often by buying one of them.