Having fun at outdoor activities should not be limited by having to worry about damaging your gear. Protect your sporting gear, electronic devices such as cameras and phones using quality dry bags.

Here is a list of the top 10 best Dry Bags in 2017;

10.  The Freegrace® Top Premium Lightweight Dry Sack/Dry Bag by Freegrace

The Freegrace® Top Premium Lightweight Dry Sack/Dry Bag by Freegrace

The Freegrace dry bags are popularly known for their light weight nature. The bags are ideal for long adventures as your luggage will not weigh you down. These include a boat rides, kayaking going on a camping trip or hunting.
A Freegrace water proof pouch or phone case is necessary to ensure the safety of your electronics if you are to submerge the bag into water. The heat sealing inside the dry bag also improves its water proof ability.

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9.  Bago Dry Bags by Bogo

Bago Dry Bags by Bogo
The Bago dry bag comes with an extra dry bag for your cell phone. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to make it more comfortable for the wearer. It is 100% waterproof and despite being made with thick material, this dry bag remains light weight. It is therefore, ideal for snow bowling, fishing, canoeing and going for a hike. Additionally, one side of the bag is see through making it easier to reach for your items tightly packed inside. Making and receiving calls in the idle of your adventure is also made easy with the clear and light weight phone dry bag.

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8.  Karrimor waterproof dry/storage bag by Karrimor

Karrimor waterproof dry/storage bag by Karrimor
This is a colorful and stylish dry bag for an outdoor activity. It is made of thin, flexible and quality material. It is light weight and great for hiking, camping, snow. However, the bag might be a bit smaller for its price but its quality remains top notch. The Karrimor waterproof dry bag has an inner bag that is also water proof making the bag great for storage as well.

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7.  Exped Fold Dry 4 Pack Drybag

Exped Fold Dry 4 Pack Drybag
This is a water repellent bag with a soft feel. It is also durable, thin and light. The bag is buoyant while keeping your items completely dry. Usually handled from the bottom, the Exped Fold Dry Bag is great for all types of water sports. There are 4 sizes to pick from which include EX, S, M and L. The bag is made using PU-coated Taffeta nylon which is pliable and comes with a grab on handle.

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6.  Lomo 3 pack light weight dry bags by Lomo

Lomo 3 pack light weight dry bags by Lomo
The Lomo dry bags are some of the best selling dry bags because of they effectively keep your valuables dry despite harsh weather conditions. Dryness is enhanced by the taped seams and rucksack liners.The bag comes in 3 packs whose capacities are 3L, 6L and 8L. These bags are easy to maintain and are definitely a value for your money.

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5.  The dry bag by unigear

The dry bag by unigear

Unigear’s dry bag is a multipurpose sack for use in different settings from boating, rafting to camping or snowboarding. Other than the guaranteed protection of your assets from water, this bag also keeps them safe from dust, snow and sand too. It also comes with an additional bag for your phone which is waterproof. The different sizes make it more convenient for packing different types of items separately.

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4.  The Friendly Swede Dry Bag by Friendly Swede

The Friendly Swede Dry Bag by Friendly Swede

The Friendly Swede Dry bags are compressed and light which make outdoor adventures worries. They come in 10L and 5L bags made using industrial level 500D PVC Tarp. It has a strap for convenience too. Also, the bags are durable, well designed making packing as well as unpacking easy and fun.

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3.  Sealline baja dry bag by sealing

Sealline baja dry bag by sealing

This is a multipurpose bag but also one of the best dry bags for motorbike riders. It is tough, watertight and durable. It has great capacity for your hiking trip essentials and with the simple design; it is one of the most popular dry bags in the market.

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2.  Waterproof dry bags by Odyssey

Waterproof dry bags by Odyssey

This Odysey dry bag is great for diving. Everything inside remains perfectly dry while kayaking, canoeing as well as when bike riding. Your wallet, phone and keys will fit completely into the bonus dry bag that comes with it. Made from marine grade fabric, you can be sure your valuables are safe and dry. Its quality design, and attractive look keeps it on the list of best selling dry bags.

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1.  3-Pack ultimate dry sack by Outdoor Products

Best Dry Bags of 2017

The dry bags from Outdoor products have a water tight design and come in a variety of colors. It is a combination of 3 different sized waterproof sacks that are light and of high quality. They are water resistant and seal well too. Although the bag is not intended to be fully submerged in water, it fully keeps your electronics and other items safe during water sporting.

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Finally, ensure you close your dry bag well to keep your valuables dry and safe. Also, keep it safe from physical damage to ensure durability.