Different breast pumps have many features they can offer to a mom. You have to be sure it is what you need before settling for one. The best breast pumps can be determined based on the weight, the size, hygiene, noise level, ease of use, comfort, and efficiency. There is no doubt that the Electric Breast Pumps below are the best in the market currently. It should be easy to find the right one for you from this list.

List of Best Electric Breast Pumps in 2017

10. Medela Symphony Pumping System

Medela Symphony Pumping System
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This pumping system is great for a mom who would love to do both single or double pump at the same time. When it comes to safety, the manufacturer assures the users about it being BPA safe for both the mom and the baby. The bottles come with lids and can hold up to 5 ounces of breast milk. The kit is still comfortable for any mom to use whenever it is needed.

9. Spectra Baby USA Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA Breast Pump
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The pump is characterized by being super quiet than most pumps. It can be fully adjusted to fit the body of the mom for easier pumping. Since it is a closed system, the pump ensures that hygiene is maintained at all times for the mom and the baby too. It comes with a night light for easy use during the night without having to light the bedside lamp. The pump is powerful but can be adjusted so that the suction does not feel pain.

8. Phillips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Phillips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump
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With the Avent breast pump, you can sit upright and still use the pump. Other pumps might need you to lean forward before operating them. The pump comes with a soft cushion that will stimulate the flow of milk faster than expected. The cushions can fit many moms with different breast sizes. To prevent cases of wasted milk, the pump connects to the bottle by using a naturally shaped nipple. The same natural nipple will be comfortable for any baby to use.

7. Medela Advanced Style Breast Pump

Medela Advanced Style Breast Pump
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The pump complies with all the FDA regulations on the containers that come into contact with food. Since it is BPA free, many moms would feel safe using the pump at any time. The pump is still stylish to make someone comfortable using it. The storage bottles are large enough to store breast milk that can last several hours.

6. Bellema Mango Portable Single Electric Breast Pump

Bellema Mango Portable Single Electric Breast Pump
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Being electric, you can expect the pumping to be faster rather than doing it manually. The pump is still lightweight and easily portable. You can use it anywhere in the house without feeling as if it is a burden. The pump is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are easily available and affordable too. The memory feature on the pump will make it remember the last preset settings by the user.

5. Medela Easy Hands Free Bustier-Electric Breast Pumps

Medela Easy Hands Free Bustier
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Since it is hands free, you get to do other things like operating a phone while pumping. The pump is compatible with most electric breast pumps, making it flexible under different circumstances. The pump comes in different sizes to fit each mother perfectly. The use of cotton and spandex blend makes it comfortable to wear.

4. Medela Pump Starter Model

Medela Pump Starter Model
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The pump comes with an adjustable speed control. This means you will have the option of choosing the best settings that are comfortable for you. It is possible to switch from stimulation to expression phases with a touch of one button on this pump. The motor is compact, but yet powerful to help with the suction. The compact motor does not need a lot of room, thus making the breast pump smaller.

3. Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra
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The working mothers who are always on the move find it easy and convenient to use a hand’s free breast pump. It will help them work on other things while pumping the milk for the baby. The bra is comfortable since it is over 80 percent cotton. It is specially designed not to irritate the skin of the mother while it is in use. The bra is still adjustable to fit moms with different breast size.

2. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump-Electric Breast Pumps
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More moms prefer using this as their breast pump over the other manual breast pumps. All this is because it is easy to use and feels comfortable while using it. The pump is still lightweight and portable for those who need on-the-go pumps. Ensure to set it into the expression phase for maximum comfort during pumping.

1. Maynom Breast Pump Kit

Maynom Breast Pump Kit
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The manufacturer has many years of experience when it comes to making the breast pumps. You can be sure it will get you the right pump with better comfort and reliability. The pump is still approved by the FDA making it safe for use by any mom or baby. You can carry the pump with you anywhere since it is compact and fits in tight spaces.

Whether you choose an electric or manual breast pump, it is all based on the convenience it has to offer. For the moms who are always on the move, you can opt for the hand’s free pumps to help you keep working while pumping. Every mom has a favorite pick and it will depend on the level of comfort the pump provides. Take the time to go through several pumps to learn about their comfort levels before choosing one.

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