iPhone 7 Plus, the immediate predecessor of the recently released iPhone 7 is finally here with Us. It’s an impressive blend of quality, performance, beauty, and futuristic technology. Well, its excellent build is not a surprise; it was expected. However, the primary concern is maintaining the iPhone 7 plus safe and protected from any form of damage. How will an ‘i’ enthusiast explore his/her precious iPhone 7 plus without subjecting it to scratches, screen cracks, fading, dings, to mention but a few forms of damage? Well, fret not, for your worries are fully settled in this post. Equipping your iPhone 7 plus with a case cover is the ultimate way to evade disappointments from damage. With a high-quality case on your classic iPhone7 plus, you can be sure to get excellent services from it for many years without neglecting its safety.

In this post, we review the top ten best iPhone 7 plus cases and covers in 2017 that are available on the market so far. Read on to find out which one suits your class, preferences, budget, and other personal needs in the best way.

10. FYY [RFID Blocking wallet] Apple iPhone 7 Plus Case


Among the iPhone 7 Plus cases that continue to get amazing reviews from their happy users across the globe is this product by the FYY Company. It brings you RFID technology so that you can be sure about the safety of your crucial, sensitive, and confidential information. It’s a case constructed from high-grade PU leather, a guarantee of quality, performance, and durability. Apart from protecting your iPhone 7 Plus, this case offers extra storage for credit cards, ID or cash thanks to the included card slots and note holder. Again, whenever you wish to play some games, watch some videos or movie, you can rely on the featured kickstand to give you a comfortable viewing position/angle. Say no more to owning bulky wallets with this iPhone 7 Plus case that stores and protects your phone as well as other pieces of information. It’s an iPhone 7 plus case that provides an accurate account for your money.

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9.  Abacus24-7 iPhone 7 PLUS Case


The Abacus24-7 is an iPhone 7 case designed to offer your precious phone ultimate protection from any form of damage including shock, scratches, as well as cracks. Apart from protecting your iPhone 7 Plus, it also functions as a card/cash holder thanks to the included card/cash slots. It features one fully transparent pocket ideal for storing your passport or ID, two fully opaque pockets perfect for holding other credit cards, and finally, an underneath pocket suitable for hiding your hard-earned cash from theft. Its phone protection ability comes from the included three layers of leather throughout its making. The leather material also facilitates the durability of this case. With the capacity to store your most delicate items like the iPhone 7 Plus, cards, and cash, you can be sure to get excellent services from this case.

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8. Ringke [Air] Weightless as Air iPhone 7 Plus Case


Are you in the search for an ultra-lightweight iPhone 7 plus case? Then, this case by the Rinke manufacturing will serve your needs in the best way. Its lightweight nature in addition to its protective ability contributes to its growing popularity. With this case, you need not fret about scratches, fading, nick, or cracks to your phone as its protective ability is sufficient. Its flexibility makes it easy to assemble. It’s a case that offers your classic iPhone 7plus unbeatable transparent protection while allowing you to expose the elegance of your phone. Its ultra-slim design allows it to fit comfortably in your pocket and feel comfortable on your hands. It’s well-gripped to facilitate a non-slippery use thus minimizing falls.

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7. Ringke [FUSION] Crystal Clear iPhone 7 Plus Case


What else could you ask for apart from a case that offers your iPhone 7 plus ultimate protection and is lightweight and slim enough not to get noticed when applied on your phone? This case by the Ringke Company is here to provide you with more than that at an affordable price range. It’s a purely clear case that also includes a high-grade 2* transparent coating which maintains your phone’s real look without blocking any detail. Whenever your phone falls, the featured TPU corner shock absorbers with be there to prevent it from cracking or any other form of damage. Its powerful touch build technology allows for easy maneuverability and quick access to buttons and ports. Applying it to your phone is ultra-easy.

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6. Trainium [Clarium Series] iPhone 7 Plus Case


This iPhone, 7 Plus case, is all you need to utilize your phone in the best way without neglecting its safety. The Trainium Company has done what is in their ability to bring you this high-performance case that’s ideal for heavy-duty use. It comes with a dual layer of protective materials which are robust enough to offer excellent protection to your hard-earned iPhone 7 plus. Its impact absorbing frame is there to offer your phone protection from cracks upon falling. Also included in its making are solid back polycarbonate and a high-grade TPU bumper to provide extra protection. Its slim fit design allows it to fit comfortably in any pocket while its excellent grip prevents regular drops of your iPhone 7 plus. The bumper is transparent; therefore, you will always showcase the beauty of your new phone throughout its lifetime. The manufacturer goes ahead to provide excellent cutouts for buttons and ports for easy operations without removing the case.

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5. Bastex Soft Slim Fit Flexible iPhone 7 Plus Case


The build of this case by the Bastex Company sets it apart from the many iPhone 7 plus cases on the market so far. Offering maximum protection to your iPhone 7 plus is the driving force behind its making. It’s a TPU case designed to provide all round protection to your phone. With this case, the worry about tears, scratches or fingerprint damage to your iPhone 7 Plus will be a thing of the past. The included precise cutouts are there to provide easy and interference-free access to buttons, ports, and the camera. Its sleek finish makes it elegant and fun to use. What’s more interesting is that this case is oil, grease and abrasion resistant. A free cleaning cloth is also provided upon purchase.

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4. Spigen [Thin Fit] Exact-Fit iPhone 7 Plus Case


Spigen [Thin Fit] is the slimmest iPhone 7 plus case reviewed among the top ten in 2017.  Its ultra-slim design makes its simple and hard to notice despite its excellent performance in protecting the phone from any form of damage. Right from the first glance at this cover, you will notice its sleek design which makes it elegant and adds on to the beauty of your smartphone. Its super lightweight nature ensures that no extra bulk is added to your iPhone 7 plus upon application. The added silicone element on this case provides adequate grip to prevent slipping. Its soft finish allows it to feel comfortable when in the hands. It’s a case that continues to lift the Spigen Brand up high on the market.

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3. Caseology [Skyfall Series] iPhone 7 Plus Case


Caseology is the Company behind the construction of this amazing iPhone 7 plus case. If you wish to maintain your hard-earned phone as new and free from any form of damage, then you can rely on this high-quality case. What makes it interesting is that it’s transparent, so you can always showcase the beauty of your classic iPhone 7 plus anywhere you go. It ranks among the lightweight cases in this category to ensure no extra bulk is added to your pocket. It’s making involves joining of two heat-treated layers of flexible TPU and polycarbonate materials to emerge finally with a single piece which offers ultimate protection to your phone from any form of damage. Lastly, it’s coated with a scratch resistant cover to ensure not even the slightest scratch harms your phone. Also included in this case are button covers which collaborate with the raised port and camera edges to enhance the exclusive look of your phone while allowing for secure and comfortable operations. It features a rose gold color which makes it lovely and fantastic to use on your phone.

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2. Spigen [Tough Armor] iPhone 7 Plus Case


Among the top best cases for iPhone 7 Plus is this model by Spigen. Right from its design, you can tell that this is a product in its class. It features an elegant sleek and ultra-slim design which sets it apart. You can, therefore, be sure that your phone will always look fabulous at all times. The included soft rubber in its making is there to absorb and distribute any occurring shock away from your phone. Also featured in its making is the air cushioning technology which will ensure your phone is safe from cracks even with regular falls. Its lightweight nature is a plus to its ease of use as no extra load is added to your smartphone. Its well-cut cutouts are there to allow you easy access to the buttons and ports. Despite offering your phone maximum protection, it’s an inexpensive case.

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1. Maxboost [Vibrance Series] iPhone 7 Plus Case


The Maxboost Company is not stopping at anything but dominance on the phone cases and covers production industry. The quality of this new iPhone 7 plus case from them could give you a slight insight of their goals. Its design is on point, and other manufacturers will take a lot of time to beat it. It’s a simple case that comes with a redefined look, vibrant colors and has the power to offer lasting protection to your precious phone. It provides a 360-degree shield from any form of damage to your smartphone. Its corners are covered with a cushioning material while its raised edges shield your iPhone’s screen. The fact that it’s made specifically for iPhone 7 Plus ensures that it fits perfectly on your phone. The precise cutouts on this case allow for easy access to the charging ports, speakers, buttons and audio ports. Its soft interior keeps your phone free from tears and scratches

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The cases reviewed herein are designed specifically for the iPhone 7 plus. They are of the best quality. You are free to choose one that goes well with your preferences and budget. Avoid phone damage disappointments with one of the reviewed iPhone 7 plus cases.