Many people usually agree that the moment they start to look for something, it becomes difficult to find, while the minute they stop to look for it, the object reappears suddenly in plain view, as if it was by magic. However, there are people who have increasingly decided to take more proactive approaches by buying key finders. This is an electronic device that helps people to locate their keys as well as their remote control, cell phone, wallet and many more items. When searching for the perfect key finder, you must consider certain factors including flexibility, the range of detection and other additional functions of the key finder. Below are the top 10 best key finders in 2017 reviews.

10.  Zomm Wireless Leash

Zomm Wireless Leash

The Zomm Wireless Leash is a multi-functional key finder. Besides its main purpose, which is locating keys, Zomm Wireless Leash also functions as a cell phone locator, a voice-based caller ID, a Bluetooth speakerphone and an alarm which users can activate in case of emergency or even when they feel insecure. The Zomm transmitter is capable of detecting even when the receiver is 30 ft. away. In addition, should this transmitter go a little too far from the receiver, it usually sends an alarm so as to notify the users? Zomm is also resistant to cold, heat, water and dust. Furthermore, users can turn off its alarm easily by clicking the buttons on the center of this device. As a distress signal and an electronic locator, the Zoom Wireless Leash key finder gives its users the ultimate peace of mind.

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9.  2-Way RF Find-One-Find-All Key Finder (FOFA)

2-Way RF Find-One-Find-All Key Finder

The 2-Way RF Key Finder is also a great mobile phone finder, wallet finder as well as a remote control locator. When the users buy this key finder they get 6 FOFAs, each capable of locating all other FOFAs within the set. Buyers can also get a set with around 36 FOFAs. Each transmitter/receiver usually produces flashing lights and a 2-tone sound of over 90 dB. The biggest advantage of this key finder is that the users do not have to worry about misplacing this transmitter since all of its pieces are also transmitters.

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8.  EZ-Find


The EZ-Find key finder, which can have 25 receivers, usually allows users to track different items beyond keys. The locator itself features a memory which can store 25 personalized descriptions. This is a much-desired feature when a key finder has 25 receivers. This capacity to name every tag sets the key finder apart from other devices on the market. The EZ-Finder’s starter kit usually includes 2 regular tags, 4 key rings, 2 mini tags, 2 regular-size adhesives and 2 small-size adhesives. The EZ-Find key finder is the ideal choice for individuals who require help to find multiple gadgets.

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7.  Cobra Tag

Cobra Tag

The Cobra Tag isn’t only a great key finder but it is also a great key locator. Besides having a receiver which attaches to a key so that users can find it easily, this device also comes with an application to install in Blackberry or Android mobile phones so that users who often forget where they put their mobile phones can quickly find them and with less fussing. The transmitter is also made of a lightweight plastic that has the built-in ring that users can attach to the keychain or even their belt loop. It’s also slim and compact so it is neither intrusive nor imposing. The battery lasts for around one day and it can also charge through the USB port.

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6.  The Click and Dig RFK1004

The Click and Dig RFK04

The Click and Dig RFK1004 finder have one transmitter which pairs to 4 receivers. As a result, users can locate not just keys but also 3 other items. There are two receivers that are round and a little bit bulky. The tow receivers are suited to be used as a keychain attachment. The other two receivers are flat and oval. They usually come with the adhesive tapes so that users can attach the receivers on the inside surfaces of a bag, wallet or other similar items. The transmitter has 4 differently-colored buttons corresponding to each receiver.

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5.  Key Finder by “Where’s the Remote?”

Key Finder by Wheres the Remote?

As the name suggests, the main purpose of this key finder is locating the remote control for the TV. Nevertheless, this device is also effective for locating the keys. With 2 receivers, the buyer can use one receiver for the remote control and the other receiver for keys. This transmitter has a ring thus users are able to hook it on the keychain. The users will also get a Velcro after buying the system so that they can stick this transmitter at the back of their television or on any other surface that they fancy

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4.  Click and Dig CND1002

Click and Dig CND02

The Click and Dig CND1002 is a very effective key finder. The device is capable of locating keys up to 60 ft. away using a sound that ranges between 90 and 95 dB. The device also has a battery life which extends to 6 months for the receivers and a minimum of one year for the transmitters. The receiver alongside the 2 transmitters is made of lightweight and durable materials. The receiver is also oval in shape with an alarm button at the center. The transmitter has 1 red button for the red-buttoned receivers and 1 blue button for the other receivers.

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3.  Loc8ator Plus

Loc8ator Plus

The Loc8ator Plus Locator System is an ideal choice not just for finding keys but it is also useful for keeping tabs on pets, children, and personal belongings. This device features visual cues and directional audio so the users can always locate the tags even within a noisy room, in total darkness, whether outdoors or indoors. The tags attach easily to almost anything using the adhesive strips and key ring loop that come with this product.

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2.  Magicfly Wireless RF Items Locator

Magicfly Wireless RF Items Locator

This items locator can save you lots of your valuable time, more so if you have several problems in finding your favorite items. The device comes with four different receivers which can be attached in any of your favorite items with a lot of ease. It has high glossy remote controls that can aid you in locating any valuable items faster. The transmitter also has the On and Off button that can be controlled and managed easily.

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1.  Tile Item Finder – Best of Key Finders in 2017

Top 10 Best Key Finders Reviews

The Tile Item Finder is considered as the most common key finder locator in the market today. You’ll never regret your decisions to purchase this finder today. You can always connect the device into its official application on your Android or iPhone devices. It works well with the newest Bluetooth connection system that’s commonly used in many types of mobile devices today.

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People who usually face problems in finding their keys, as well as other belongings, will benefit these electronic devices that help them in finding their missing items. The above top-of-the-line finders have a wide range of features which are irresistible to the buyers including added functions like the device being a Bluetooth speakerphone or act as an alarm in times of distress.