Knee braces are meant to provide support and fix for your knees, especially during vigorous exercises like running. Although Knee braces are mostly worn on injured knees to help prevent intense pain or the severity of the injury during sporting activities, it can also be worn on uninjured knees as it reduces the strain on the ACL, thereby preventing injuries. Running is one of the exercises that need lateral support and this is why it is vital to wear braces while engaging in the exercise.

Knee braces that provide different levels of stamina, are worn differently and are made of different materials. They also vary largely in price. There are millions of knee braces out there and this top 10 best knee brace for running in 2017 reviews attempts to help you find the ones that are most suitable for you.

10. EXOUS Bodygear EX-701 Performance Stabilizing Knee Brace Support

EXOUS Bodygear EX-701 Performance Stabilizing Knee Brace Support
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What differentiates this knee brace from the others is the presence of straps that hold it on the upper thigh and beneath the knee. It also comes with two additional straps that protect the patella tendon and provide a comfortable tightness. The High performance knee brace comes with double lateral stabilizers that support the lateral sides and the medial collateral ligaments so that it is ideal for people who have weak knees, and arthritis patients. The EX-701 combines compression with flexibility to give a high level of functionality and the presence of High grade Neoprene provides heat so that your injured knee is easily cured. The knee brace support is mild on sensitive skin as it has jacquard lycra in the inner lining which prevents excess sweating and irritation. Optional elastic sleeves provide additional comfort. This knee sleeves protects and makes stable your knee as you run.

9. Knee Support by HEALTECH

Knee Support by HEALTECH
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HealTech Knee braces comes with adjustable straps that lets you adjust it into fitting into your knee, no matter your size, that is, it is a slip on type and it fits in snugly and comfortably tight. The knee support provides support and is very adequate for weak knees as it has double side support and medial/lateral stability that are flexible, supporting you when you walk, bend or run, and is easy to put on and also easy to clean. Its material is solid and very durable. It also improves patella tracking with the padded buttress around the knee cap.

The neoprene material it is made of makes the brace highly breathable, provides a soothing compression effect that relieves the injured knees, and delivers comfort.

8. Knee Brace Support by Tuffbrace Athletics

Knee Brace Support by Tuffbrace Athletics
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Knee Brace by Tuffbrace Athletics is a Velcro non-slip strap that comes with 3mm neoprene thickness which provides comfort. The knee support which comes with a one year warranty has moderate compression that advances the recovery of knee injury. It is very easy to put on and fits into as large as 18’’ diameter knee. Its strap provide for a snug fit which allows it stay on your knee while you exercise, especially since it is light weight. Customers have praised its performance as it provides comfort, support and its adjustability. They are also impressed with the agility of the customer service, and although one customer complained of pain to put on and put off, this seems like an individual problem, and is quite normal for people dealing with torn meniscus.

7. Crescendo Athletics Knee Sleeve

 Crescendo Athletics Knee Sleeve
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This Knee support sleeve comes with a 4mm neoprene thickness so that you do not have a problem with comfort while wearing it. Apart from the high level of convenience, it provides, what sets this sleeve apart is its smooth design that allows it to be worn underneath clothing. The comfort provided also extends to moments when not in sporting activities but in situations that can strain your knee like sitting for long hours in a plane. The material used in building the brace is durable, and is 100% latex free, making it environmentally friendly and ideal for your health. It comes in different sizes and is very cost effective.

6. Yosoo Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support Brace

Yosoo Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support Brace
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The Yosoo Adjustable Neoprene Knee Support features three Velcro full straps that make it highly adjustable and fit into most knees. This support would easily fit knees with 11. 8’’- 19. 6’’ circumference. It also has adjustable compression so that the sleeve is just perfectly dense for your knee, you would have no problems in running and bending. The material is durable and breathable. It also reduces sweat with its moisture-wicking ability, thereby preventing bacterial infections and skin irritation. The material wicks away sweat from the skin which relieves injured knees. Patella stabilizers and lateral stabilizers keep the patella in position and support your ligaments during rigorous. Silicon anti-slip strips ensure the brace does not slip.

5. Active Knee Brace Support

Active Knee Brace Support
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The Knee brace is designed with high quality material that features neoprene which gives support, comfort and relieves pain so that you are agile while you run. The material is also breathable which also adds to the convenience of the sleeve, and allows for easy movements because of its flexibility. It comes with adjustable straps that helps it fit securely tight without causing any discomfort or strain, and is suitable for Meniscus and Arthritis patients. Its cushion feel helps in curing injuries. Buttressed padding on the kneecap provides support for your patella which aids for consistent motion.

4. Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve

Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve
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This Knee sleeve has a high amount of copper in its compression, up to 88%, which makes it stand out from other knee supports. The brace which is made of 86% polyester and 14% spandex is stimulates blood circulation and the oxygen’s movement so that recovery of knee injury is easily achieved. Its smooth design enables it to be easily worn underneath clothes without causing discomfort and the presence of copper nylon balances your muscles tissues, thereby reducing swelling and pain. The Copper Compression Knee Sleeve is a high performance knee support that can be worn for a long time without have to strain any party of your body or causing inconvenience. Put this on if you have any problem with your knee as it is built to give support and help you recover from your knee crisis.

3. Knee Brace Support by Winzone

Knee Brace Support by Winzone
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This sleeve is made with a durable material, 100% neoprene which means that it is very comfortable and easy to put on as its straps give a very solid and snugly fit that allows you wear it for long periods. The Winzone manufactured support combines long lasting technology with comfort and high performance so that it is very suitable for arthritis patients and people with weak knees. The breathability in the brace is impressive and the stabilizers on the knee cap and the sides create a cushion and very supportive effect so that even the weakest of knees is enabled to run for hours.

2. Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Brace

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Brace
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This brace features an open patella design that ensures full support if the knee cap without compromising the compression provided for the muscles. It also features a one-size-fits-all design that allows it to fit various sizes with the presence of Velcro straps. The sleeve consists of up to 23’’ circumference above the knee. The strips are made of silicon so that it does not easily slip off during motion, with an enforced trim that is reliable so that it has a high tension and is durable. It has 80% neoprene and is waterproof which means the brace is effective even while you have your bath. Suitable for Meniscus tear, ACL tear, arthritis and basic knee injuries.

1. Ipow Fully Adjustable Jumpers’s Knee Support Strap Band – Best Knee Braces for Running in 2017

Best of Knee Braces for Running in 2017
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The Ipow Fully Adjustable Knee Support is designed to be worn directly below the patella, on the patella tendon. The double knot designed knee strap is fully effective and fits up to 18’’ with durable fabric that is breathable and provides a comfortable fit. It is also convenient to clean and wicks away sweat so that there is no skin irritation. The strap is designed to reduce or totally eliminate the unwanted movement of the patella and it is very suitable for people who have knee injuries and arthritis as the band’s support system helps in massaging away the pain.

In conclusion, running is one of the most important exercises. Apart from helping to keep you fit, it also increases the strength of your heart and keeps you protected from heart diseases. However, knees are the central point of movement, including running and if your knee is not right, you would never be able to exercise, or move about, properly. Unstable knees can be pretty discomforting and frustrating, set your knee right with any on the top knee braces from this top 10 best knee brace for running in 2017 reviews.

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