We know that the security of your luggage is the most essential thing to take care of while travelling. Especially when it comes to air travelling when you will be having no idea where your luggage goes and from where it comes. That being the reason, we chose 6 best luggage locks for you to simplify your buying process.

Feel free to go through the reviews of best luggage locks available in market at this moment. Also don’t forget to go through the the whole list, individual reviews and at the end the ultimate buying guide on buying the most suitable luggage lock for yourself.

#1 Recommendation: Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert


With Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert, you can tak care of your luggage, and your genuine feelings of serenity, from robbers on the plane, in the airport and in your inn live with this 2 Pack of TSA Cable Locks with SearchAlert. You will get hundred percent fulfillment with this very much designed to be strong lock. It will make your travel agreeable since you will be guaranteed that your luggage is secured.

It’s alarming not knowing if somebody has been experiencing your bags. It includes a pointer which can change from green to red when TSA open your lock so you’ll generally know when the TSA has been in your bags!

  • Durability: Tariss TSA Locks were composed on account of durability and are produced using a high quality Zinc Alloy to give a lifetime of security and significant serenity. Ultra solid steel link are sufficiently intense and can’t be broken effortlessly. This locks accompanies lifetime guarantee period so stuck in an unfortunate situation client has dependably a decision to claim it’s guarantee along these lines 100% fulfillment by tariss is gurranteed.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable steel link makes threading the link through little zipper gaps effortlessly. Tarriss TSA luggage lock accompanies SearchAlert instrument. Outline of Tariss luggage lock is TSA endorsed. Henceforth, it can be unlocked and afterward relocked by TSA operators without breaking the lock.
  • Locking System: Tariss TSA lock accompanies 3 dial mix lock. What’s more? It can be set and reset to any blend of user’s decision. Substantial dials and effectively unmistakable numbers make it simple to arrange the numbers accurately and inevitably.
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#2 Recommendation: Guardshire’s TSA Approved Lock 2. 0


Guardshire’s TSA Approved Lock 2. 0 is the enormous luggage lock being manufactured by Guardshire. It is absolutely new era of TSA locks. It’s perfect lock if you don’t want to feel skeptical at swarmed places like airport, lodgings, and trams.

At that point now say no to frailties as you got Guardshire 2. 0 with yourself. Guardshire’s TSA Approved Lock 2. 0 is something which offers you combo of security, flexibility, and fulfillment with true serenity. So now, Never stress over your effects again. Take a look at some of the noteworthy features of this lock.

  • Durability: This luggage lock is being outlined with substantial obligation solid material and asserted difficult to break by its producer. Planning instrument of this security device is colossal and appropriate for any sort of climate and air. Plan of this lock is acknowledged by TSA Security everywhere throughout the world. Aside from this, lock returns with 100% money ensure.
  • Flexibility: Lock is worked with dependable instrument for utilization and it is easy to understand. Lock is being intended to be adaptable for all sort of luggage and rec center box, portfolio and different rucksacks too. These locks include a steel adaptable link which makes it less demanding to secure different size bags. Link is sufficiently solid that can’t be broken effortlessly and sufficiently adaptable for any sort of zipper gaps.
  • Locking System: Guardshire’s Lock 2. 0 accompanies 3 digit mix lock and it can be changed quickly. Basic locking component accompanies stunning security close by. Locking system is dependable and affirmed by TSA security everywhere throughout the world.
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#3 Recommendation: Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Combination Luggage Lock With Steel Cable


The Lewis N. Clark is a brand which won’t require quite a bit of presentation when it comes to security and locks. It is synonymous with quality as well as demonstrated an awesome maker of reliable security gear and extras throughout the years. With their TSA endorsed link lock demonstrate winning a comfortable place among the best luggage locks available today.

  • Durability: The lock highlights a strong metal and hard-side outline a tasteful 4-crawl high and 9-creep wide helpful form, and a top execution three-dial simple to set mix system which gives invulnerable luggage assurance whether inside or outside, or out and about. Lock is comprised of zinc amalgam and steel.
  • Flexibility: Lock accompanies 70 mm adaptable covered steel link for locking. It is a safe lock highlighting a premium covered and adaptable high-review steel link good with a wide cluster of zipper sorts. Its stylish TPR-elastic complete significantly enhances simple grasp when introducing.
  • Locking System: As the lock does not require keys but instead makes utilization of a 3-digit blend lock, you can be sure that your luggage is secure and that you will never be hindered from getting to it attributable to lost keys. Blend of digits can be set and reset any number of time according to client comfort.
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#4 Recommendation: Brinks 161- 20471 TSA approved 22 mm language lock


Edges 161-20471 TSA has 20 millimeter locks are built with a strong metal body, are improved by a chrome covered steel shackle, and are TSA Accepted/Travel Sentry Approved. This implies TSA airport security can open, review, and re-secure your things without cutting the lock off, guaranteeing your effects remain safe through your voyage.

  • Durability: The nature of these locks look great. They give off an impression of being entirely strong. Every one of the locks utilize a similar key which for us is the best part, you should check out the keychain finding the right key for the lock. Since there are 4 keys, on the off chance that you free the lock would in any case be usable.
  • Locking System: This padlock is affirmed by the TSA. It is made out of metal which implies that it is difficult to open or break. This will give cheats such trouble. The excellence of this lock is that it comes in fours. This gives you a superior shot at security than some other lock.
  • Flexibility: These little locks functioned admirably on a late International Flight making you feel that your luggage was sheltered amid things taking care of. You likewise utilize them as a part of the inn room so you know your trinkets will not be going to vanish while you are out. Each of the four keys are a similar so you don’t need to stress over losing the key.
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#5 Recommendation: Forge 2 Packs Open Alert Best TSA Approved Luggage Locks


Forge locks are composed starting from the earliest stage to be hardest luggage locks around. The extraordinary compound lock bodies, solidified steel shackles and protected interior components can take such a beating, to the point that the locks can back your item up with an unrestricted lifetime ensure.

If you can figure out how to break these locks, the company is ready to happily discount or supplant them. While they are not intended for extreme security, they are incredible luggage locks. You can set your own mix which is very simple to set up.

  • Flexibility: By using this lock, you can have the genuine feelings of serenity of knowing if your luggage has been examined by the TSA amid your outing. The red marker will fill you in regarding whether you’ve been examined so you can triple check to guarantee the greater part of your things are in place and present while you’re still at the airport.
  • Durability: You will feel safe realizing that the lock should have been locked with the end goal for TSA to expel their key. There’s a red pointer on the highest point of the lock that lets you know if the lock has been opened with a TSA key. The red tab must be reset once the lock is opened with the password. Moreover, you will also feel safe with these locks and will have no issues with them. TSA didn’t wind up opening your luggage by any means, so that was a decent addition in features.
  • Locking System: These locks are solid and strong. Simple to set to your own 3-digit combubation. The numbers are anything but difficult to peruse, even with direct lighting. The nifty TSA-open element is a great thought. We attempted to tear open the lock just to test the security even with the TSA abrogate include and it was not all disappointing.
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#6 Recommendation: Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock, Color May Vary

Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Best Luggage Locks

Master Lock 4688DBLK TSA acknowledged set your own blend luggage lock with adaptable cable. It permits TSA screeners to assess and relock things without harming the lock.

No matter if the luggage goes on numbers of flights, trains, transports and a ship regardless they look and work like new.

  • Flexibility: The lock has got 1-3/16 creep (30mm) wide sturdy metal body with a 1/8 crawl (3mm) measurement shackle being 1-1/2 creep (38mm) long and made of vinyl secured adaptable interlaced steel, offering imperviousness to mishandle from things taking care of hardware. The TSA screeners have admittance to unique apparatuses that permit them to open TSA-acknowledged locks if your bags must be opened for investigation.
  • Durability: Master Lock has combined with TSA and Travel Sentry to utilize the exceptional Travel Sentry check on luggage locks that meet the prerequisites of the TSA. Aircraft registration staff are prepared to perceive the Travel Sentry check, so they comprehend that stuff with this exceptional stamp is allowed to remain locked.
  • Locking System: This is on the grounds that it is tough and has a three-digit blend that will give cheats trouble taking from your bag. The other reason is that it comes in splendid colors. This makes it simple for you to detect your luggage from many other bags of fellow travelers.
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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Buying Luggage Locks

There is no denying in the fact that your luggage is the most important thing while travelling and it needs to be protected with ultra security. Wacky locks with low quality might cause you a big trouble later on. There are various types of locks and you should choose according to your needs and wants. Take a look.

  • Combination Lock: These locks are little and strong, and a great many people can recollect the 4-digit code that opens the lock. The combination lock is a standout amongst the most surely understood and perceived. You will observe that they open with a 3 or 4-digit combination as a rule.
  • Cable Lock: These locks are greatly adaptable and are impeccable both all through the air terminal. From locking your baggage to your locker at the rec center, you will discover extraordinary use with a cable lock. A cable lock accompanies a cable that might be retractable. Like the combination lock above, it opens with a progression of numbers. These locks are bigger than other TSA endorsed gear locks, which might be an obstruction to a few.
  • Key Card Lock: With a key card lock, you don’t utilize a key or combination but just a key card, like the room scratch at an inn. On the off chance that you have more than one key card lock from a similar brand, you may discover it is hard to keep the cards straight since they ordinarily appear to be indistinguishable.
  • Word Combination Lock: For some individuals, words are harder to overlook than numbers, so you will likely have a superior possibility of recollecting this combination over a numerical lock. A word lock will permit you to utilize a word instead of a numerical code. You can pick the word, normally 4 letters, and that word will open the lock.
  • Keyed Lock: With a key lock, you will have a physical key that will open the lock. There is no combination to recall. On the off chance that you lose the key, you will need to expel the lock with substantial obligation cutters or a metal cutting saw.

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    The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination then realize that your stuff was stolen. It can ruin your whole travel. For this reason, it is important that you lock your luggage while traveling with the best of Luggage Locks.

    However, criminals are also getting cleverer, you lock your luggage, they find a way to break the lock. For this reason, you need to use really high-quality luggage locks which will get the thief can’t or even very difficult to break. Lossing important stuff in your luggage is something really not enjoyable, it might be a nightmare for your trip.

    Here is a list of high-quality locks that will assure you of your security. Do not buy a lock before reading this.

    10. Master lock 627D 1-3 inch resettable brass luggage lock quantity 4

    The beauty of this lock is that you can set and reset the combinations used to lock it. This means that you can change the combinations severally to make sure no one masters it. In addition to this, it is made using brass. This guarantees you that your lock cannot be easily cut or broken. This lock, therefore, was designed for efficiency and to assure you of security.

    9. Lewis N. Clark TSA 3 Dial combination Lock, black

    The last thing you need when traveling is to forget your lock combination. This could ruin your whole experience since you cannot access the things you are to use in your travel. This lock gives you something better, it has three combinations you can use to unlock the lock. This means that if you forget one, you can still use the other to open the lock.

    8. Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack- Open Alert Indicator, alloy with lifetime warranty

    This lock is easy to use. It has a three digit combination that is not only easy to remember but also easy to set. It is made out is a zinc alloy that is quite difficult to cut or break thus ensuring that your luggage is safe. The beauty of this lock is that you buy them in twos. This assures you of your security. In addition to this, you have a lifetime warranty. It gets spoilt, it will be fixed for you.

    7. Acrodo TSA Double pack all metal combination padlock

    This lock is not just meant for your safety, it is environmentally friendly as well. It is made out of solid steel, approved by the TSA and has a warranty. This lock has an inspection alert that lets you know if you’ve been checked thus giving you an opportunity to check and check again whether you have locked your luggage properly.

    6. TSA luggage locks (2 pack) for travel bags and suitcases

    This padlock discourages theft more than the others. This is because the padlock has a four-digit combination that is more difficult to crack compared to the others that have three digit combinations. It is secure. It is made out of an alloy of zinc and has a steel plate. In addition, it has a bright color that makes it easy to spot your luggage at the airport.

    5. Brinks 161- 20471 TSA approved 22 mm language lock

    This padlock is approved by the TSA. It is made out of brass which means that it is difficult to open or break. This will give thieves such a hard time. The beauty of this lock is that it comes in fours. This gives you a better chance at security than any other lock.

    4 Forge padlocks

    These padlocks come with a warranty that lasts for life. The fact that they have a three digit combination code makes them easy to use. They have a wide clientele that praises it for being the most durable and recognizable padlock for luggage. What makes it stand out from the rest is that you can use it for heavy duty luggage as well.

    3. Heavy duty forge travel baggage lock, padlock and suitcase lock

    The fact that these locks are approved by TSA assures you of their quality. They are not only durable but also secure. With their three digit combinations, thieves do not stand a chance. They also come with lifetime warranties. The beauty of having these locks is that they give you an easy time picking your luggage. This is because of their bright colors.

    2. TSA lock w/ search alert Tarris luggage locks

    The fact that this lock is approved by the TSA does not just assure you of the quality but also assures you that TSA agents can open and close the padlock without having to break it. It is durable, considering the fact that it is made out of a zinc alloy. It has a flexible steel cable that makes it easy for you to thread it in tiny zip rings. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

    1. Master lock 4688D TSA accepted cable luggage lock

    This lock gives you an easy time when picking your luggage at the airport. For one, you will not be anxious wondering whether your stuff is safe or not. This is because it is durable and has a three-digit combination that will give thieves a hard time stealing from your suitcase. The other reason is that it comes in bright colors. This makes it easy for you to spot your luggage.


    The truth about luggage lock is that when traveling your luggage is at a high risk of being robbed. Having a luggage lock ensure that no one will come n just through their hands in there. Luggage locks are vital for personal security. You will travel feeling relaxed that your property is safe other than when you travel without a lock.

    Now the fact that there is more than one lock to use in such a case where one need to lock the luggage in transit. Some locks are weaker than other therefore it is important to get the best. Thus. With this top 10 best luggage locks in 2016 review, you can choose from the best