Among the re-known smartphone manufacturer’s, is the OnePlus Company. When it comes to listing providers of high-performance, beautiful, durable, and futuristic smartphones, the list would never be accurate without mentioning the OnePlus Company. The release of the OnePlus 3 smartphone is perceived as one of the greatest achievements by OnePlus. The build of the OnePlus 3 smartphone is excellent and rare to find, while its reasonable cost offers it a competitive advantage over other high-grade smartphones by the giant manufacturers like Huawei, Apple, Samsung, and Nokia to state but a few. Among its prominent features is its powerful Snapdragon-820 processor, 8MP front and 16MP back cameras, 6 GB RAM, and an elegant aluminum body design.

Staking your hard-earned cash on this device is, for sure, a wise decision. However, the dumbest move would be deciding to use the OnePlus 3 without protecting it from common forms of damage and depreciation. Buying a high-quality protective casing for your OnePlus 3 could be the only way to preserve its elegant design and extend its lifetime by a significant degree.

Below, we review the top ten best OnePlus 3 cases and covers in 2017.  Ensure that you go through these reviews of expertly selected cases and covers, to find out which one suits your OnePlus 3 in the best way.

10. TopAce Super Slim OnePlus 3 case


When it comes to the provision of high-performance and durable phone cases, the TopAce Company ranks high. This case by TopAce is of the utmost quality and will serve your phone’s protection needs in the best way. It’s custom made for the OnePlus smartphones so you can be sure about its perfect fit. Its construction involves the use of high-quality materials to ensure that your device is fully shielded from scratches, crack-causing shock, and other forms of physical damage. Through its precise cutouts and molding, one can easily access all the available operation ports and functions. Its making from sturdy and high-grade materials is a guarantee of durability. Also, its finish offers comfortable and firm grip on the phone to prevent recurrent falling.

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9. Asmart Slim Pu Leather OnePlus 3 case


The Asmart case cover for OnePlus 3 ranks in its class due to its power to offer excellent services to its users. Its professional design allows it to provide great multi-services. It comes with smooth TPU back and includes precision moldings and cutouts to offer obstruction-free protection to your phone. Its front cover is made from premium PU leather and features an iron sheet component in its interior to provide your phone with optimum protection from sharp objects that may break or scratch its screen. Through its multi-standing angles, you can now enjoy hands-free viewing of videos or other phone operations. It comes with an extra grip which prevents slipping, while its leather material makes it comfortable to hold.

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8. Orzly® – Multi-Function Wallet Case for OnePlus 3


When it comes to performance, no other case-cover model beats this product by the Orzly Company. Its ability to provide multiple services to the OnePlus 3 smartphone users and a reasonable price tag set it apart. Its exterior is constructed using quality leather for long-term protection, while its interior hardshell provides ultimate grip to the phone for maximum safety. What makes this case incredible to use is that it features built-in pockets that provide a reliable way of carrying business/credit cards, money or banknotes. Also included in its making is a kickstand integration which allows for easy hands-free video watching, and email/notes writing. The cutouts are there to allow full and easy access to the buttons, ports, and camera of your OnePlus 3 smartphone.

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7. LK Ultra [Slim Thin] OnePlus 3 Case


The positive feedback notes that this case cover continues to receive from its happy users in the leading online markets is a sign of excellent build. The LK manufacturer brings you this fantastic case cover for your OnePlus 3 smartphone. It’s ultra-thin and offers excellent protection services without adding extra bulk to your phone thanks to its lightweight nature. Its construction from high-quality, robust, flexible, and smooth TPU, allows it to resist stains and dirt while protecting your phone from accidental falls and drops. Through its unique construction design, accessing the buttons, ports, and controls is possible without removing the case from your phone. The camera lens cutout is there to shield the camera from scratches. It also provides extra grip through its finish to minimize slipping.

6. Spigen [Neo Hybrid OnePlus 3 Case


Staking your hard-earned cash on this onePlus Case by the Spigen Company will be a wise decision. Its build is excellent and will provide an accurate account for your money. It features a new TPU pattern design which allows it to provide extra grip to your phone. Pressing the buttons on your phone will be easy upon the application of this case thanks to its metalized button components which provide a smooth, fluid press. Its excellent construction equips it with shock absorbing properties. Its bumper is made from polycarbonate, a material that boosts its shock absorbing ability for maximum phone protection. Its frame is upgraded and reinforced at the cutouts to provide sturdier durability and to facilitate a snug fit on your phone.

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5. HOTCOOL [Anti Scratch & Shock] Oneplus 3 Case

The HOTCOOL case cover is a custom made product that only fits perfectly on the OnePlus 3 smartphone. It features a lightweight and ultra-thin design, ensuring that no extra bulk comes to your pocket upon its application. It’s expertly constructed using a high-quality TPU material to make sure that it delivers excellent phone protection services. It bears anti-shock and anti-scratch properties, thus addresses the primary forms of phone damage. Its ultra-clear nature ensures that not even the tiniest detail of your OnePlus 3 phone is hidden. Also included in its making are precise cutouts for the ports and buttons for easy operations and accessibility. It’s easy to install and remove from the phone.

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4. Orzly – Fusion Bumper Case Cover Shell


Among the extreme OnePlus 3 cases and covers in 2017 is this product by the Orzly Company. Its design allows it to rank among the high-quality back and side covers for OnePlus 3.  It offers ultra-clear protection without hiding the elegance of the phone. Its back is constructed from toughened plastic while its sides come from a durable rubber material. Eventually, the sides and back of this case are combined to provide ultimate protection to the phone. Its sides are designed to wrap above the front screen to create a raised lip thus protecting the screen from scratch damage. Its simple but essential slip-on design facilitates easy installation/removal, while its unique cutouts allow for easy access to various phone components including buttons, ports, and the camera.

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3. Love Ying [Crystal Clear] OnePlus 3 Case


Bearing in mind the dire need for OnePlus 3 enthusiasts to showcase its eternal beauty and elegance, the Love Ying Company is pleased to come up with this high-performance and ultra-clear protective case for the OnePlus 3.  It comes with the power to offer ultra-transparent protection to the OnePlus 3 while allowing for excellent showcasing of your phone’s beauty. With this case on your phone, you no longer need to worry about scratches, dirt, dust, as well as other forms of damage. Through its precise cutouts, you can easily access the camera lens, headphone jack, microphone, speakerphone, buttons, and the charging port without having to remove the case. The camera lens and front screen stay protected thanks to the raised front edge and the back of this case. It’s ultra-slim and fits perfectly on any OnePlus 3.

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2. PLESON® [Tou] OnePlus 3 Case Cover


If you are anticipating to improving the look and feel of your OnePlus 3 without neglecting its safety, then you should consider this case cover by the Pleson Company. It’s a case developed from high-grade TPU, a material that’s responsible for its flexibility and durability properties. It provides ultra-clear protection to the OnePlus 3 while still allowing you to showcase your phone’s elegance anywhere you go. Its lightweight nature ensures no extra bulk is added to your phone upon its installation. Through its anti-fingerprint and anti-watermark properties, it boasts the power to maintain a phone free from bubbles and other depreciating factors. The visual appearance of your phone will be highly boosted by its specially dotted interior design. With its raised front edges, you can be sure about the safety of your phone from scratches when placed in the face down position.

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1. TUDIA Slim-Fit OnePlus 3 Case


TUDIA is the manufacturer behind the making of this exclusive, high-performance and durable case cover for the OnePlus 3.  It features a dual layer construction design which includes a high-grade polycarbonate exterior layer, which is enhanced further through a TPU gel skin (rubberized) to provide lightweight, form-fitted, and ultra-slim protection to the onePlus three smartphones. Through its snap on design, installing/removing this cover is incredibly easy. Its edges are raised to offer maximum protection to the screen, while its raised lip aims to provide universal compatibility with many screen protectors. It’s available in various color options to suit your style in the best way.

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The list of the top ten best OnePlus 3 cases and covers in 2017 is as presented above. You should be able to provide your precious phone with optimum protection through the use of any of the reviewed products. Your choice from this list should depend on your budget as well as other secondary preferences. Go for the best product that will serve you in the best way.