Push-ups are one of the best excesses for a variety of muscles including arms, chest, back, shoulders and even abs. With a number of variations, push-ups can be fun and very effective in targeting the specific muscle groups. Traditionally, push-ups are performed with your palms resting on the ground, however, the effectiveness and the safety of push-ups can be increased if the exercise is performed using push-up bars.

push-up bars provide two distinct advantages over traditional push-ups using the palm of your hand.
They help to ease the stress on the wrists during push-ups. The push-up bars help to keep your wrists in a neutral position as opposed to the hyperextended position that happens when you don’t use the bars. Thus, the chances of you injuring your wrist is minimized if you use a push-up bar.

Secondly, with a push-up bar, your range of motion is extended thereby allowing you to reach closer to the floor, increasing the chest workout. Also, you can decide your range of motion to target specific muscle groups.
So, if you want to increase the efficiency of your push-ups and avoid any nasty wrist injuries, you should use a good quality push-up bar.

The market is filled with a plethora of these equipments. But I have scoured through the filth and uncovered ten really quality equipment. Lets take a close look at the top 10 push-up bars now!

10. Red Gecko Fitness Push-up Stands/Bars

Red Gecko Fitness push-up Stands/Bars
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Coming in on number 10 in our list, are the Reg Gecko push-up stands. These stands do not have a rotating handle and hence are locked in one position. These high be preferred by some people who do not prefer the rotating handles. The bars are made from high quality PVC and can withstand a lot of repetitive stress. The rounded grips are covered with foam cushions and the feet are also wrapped in foam to prevent sliding on almost any surface.

9. CAP Barbell Pair of push-up Bars

CAP Barbell Pair of push-up Bars
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The number 9 entry on this list is CAP Barbell push bars. These also feature a classic push-up bar design with no rotating handle. These very sturdy bars are made from high quality, electroplated metal. The grip is wrapped with a foamy material which is very comfortable. The feet of the bars are also rubberized so that they will not slip on any surface as well as will not leave any scratches on your floors.

8. GoFit Push-Up Bars with Foam Padded Grips

GoFit Push-Up Bars with Foam Padded Grips
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Coming in at number 8, the GoFit push-up bars feature a classic design. The bars are well made and constructed from High grade PVC. They can be disassembled for efficient storage. The grips are very comfortable and over all look and feel is great.

7. Perfect Basic Pushup

Perfect Basic Pushup
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The perfect basic push-up bars are quality push-up bars with a rotating push-up handle. The naturally rotating handle reduces the strains on the wrist a great deal making your work safer. Also, with a patented rotator action, these engage more muscles of the chest and shoulders giving you a better work out. Invented by an ex-navy SEAL, these bars come highly recommended.

6. Legend Pushup: push-up Bars

Legend Pushup: push-up Bars
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The sixth entry on our list is from the Legend push-up group. The Legend push-up bars sport a unique instability design. The design enables the user to engage more muscles than a traditional design for a more efficient work out. The bars are designed to rock on the floor so that there is no strain on the wrist. They are versatile in their operation with both rocking mode and a stable mode.

5. PushX3 push-up bars

PushX3 push-up bars
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The pushX3 are a unique design push-up bars that are really good. The unique feature a patented curved design focused on strengthening key muscle groups. The round bottomed design in ideal for training a number of back, chest and shoulder muscles using stability forces. They are also great for strengthening the core muscles, thanks to the versatile design enabling wide angle of movement.

4. Elite push-up bars

Elite push-up bars
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Coming in at number 4 are the Elite push-up bars. These rotating push-up bars are great for working out with minimal strain on your wrist. The Elite bars have a wide grip for a great weight distribution. The smooth rotatory action eliminates any strain on the wrists. These also come with free links to videos showing you how to work with these bars for the optimum training.

3. HemingWeigh Foldable push-up Bar

HemingWeigh Foldable push-up Bar
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These ultra light pushup bars feature a unique foldable design. The collapsible design increases the range on motion so that more muscles are engaged in the workout for a more complete routine. The y feature a very comfortable cushioned support along the handles and can be folded to neatly packed away. Weighing just a shy of 2 pounds, these are very suitable for traveling.

2. Maximiza Push-up Bars

Maximiza Push-up Bars
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Taking the third spot on the list are the very durable and sturdy Maximiza Push-up Bars. These chrome plated steel bars are very versatile and sport a unique design. They are constructed from a steel pipe without any joints for greater strength. They are extremely easy to use and feature a very comfortable foam grip. The unit also comes with two trip sizes for greater degree of customization.

2. Perfect Pushup Elite

Perfect Pushup Elite
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Topping our list are the Perfect push-up elite bars. These are very high quality bars with a patented rotating action. The smooth rotation eliminates the risk of wrist injury and enables a workout on various muscle groups. They are very sturdy and have a huge capacity of 400 pounds. Although a bit on the expensive side, they give the best bang for your buck!

push-up bars can really enhance your push-up experience a great deal. A good quality push-up bar can not only reduce the risk of injury but also increase give you amazing results in your training.
We hope that this in-depth review will help you pick the best bar for yo

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