RC cars are a dream for any child, and you are the one that will make that dream come true. They are the strongest and the fastest you can ever find in the market. They are also durable and well designed so that they have that unique look that will get its spot when it is among the many.

The big question is “Where will you find such cars?” We are here to help you answer this question by bringing you the best remote controlled cars that will make you kid not to sleep when he/she becomes the official owner of the car.

10.  Lamborghini Veneno SuperCar

 Lamborghini Veneno SuperCar
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This is a fully functional r/c radio controlled car. It can move in all directions- forward, reverse, stop, left, and right. The car has been fitted with an adjustable front wheel that can be aligned. It has been designed with exterior rims and tires and given a glossy exterior paint that makes it shine when you are racing it with your neighbor’s cars.

9.  Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy
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This is a RC car that can handle all your off-road four-wheel adventures while you are on the track or just bashing nearby at home. It has been fitted with a powerful nitro 2. 67cc vertex engine, composite disc brakes, and aluminum capped shocks and much more. You need to be the greatest in your neighborhood by buying this car for your little one.

8.  Electric RC Car Off-Road Independent Suspension Buggy

Electric RC Car Off-Road Independent Suspension Buggy
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This is a car that is worth the price that t has been given. There is one thing that people forget when they buy this car. It needs to be charged first before you use it so that you attain that full charge and use it to run faster speeds. But that charge won’t happen before you activate the switch that has been placing near the battery pack, and you will get it running all the time.

7.  Multi Speedster Rally Car

 Multi Speedster Rally Car
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This is a car that races at nine mph. it has been fitted with a rear wheel drive and a pro steering will always let you drift around corners and speed down the course for maximum control. The car can go forward, reverse, right and left turn. The car is has a good price and is durable. Buy the car and it will serve you in any terrain that you can drive it too.

6.  Scale Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Scale Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
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This is a car that is recommended to be used by children that are used by children that are 6+ years and requires 5 AAA batteries to run. The remote control, on the other hand, requires a 9v battery to run. You don’t need to assemble it because it comes fully assembled; you need to put on the batteries and start driving off in the race truck and show your friends some dust.

5.  Radio Control Vehicle

Radio Control Vehicle
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This vehicle is awesome, and it can just look pretty in a display case. It is shipped with a dash console design transmitter, and the vehicle is perfect for both advanced and novice RC enthusiasts. Your kid will drive it down a high-speed course with the full function radio controller. Its dashboard style controller includes left to right steering and forward to reverse motion. It offers a choice of multiple frequencies.

4.  High-Speed RC Monster Truck

High-Speed RC Monster Truck
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This is amazingly fast car due to its large motor. It has throttle and steering response and several metal pieces that will make your truck last longer. The tires and rubber have foam inserts, and it will burn them down fast making it powerful. It is one of the most dominant RC cars that your kid should own. It is a perfect gift to give to your loved son.

3.  Gravity Sensor Radio Control Vehicle

Gravity Sensor Radio Control Vehicle
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This is an awesome looking model car, and it can be used in air gesture mode, and there are no means to turn it off. When in demo mode, it can move forward or backward, turning and repeat. It has batteries that last longer during the play time. It is extremely responsive and fast. It is well built to last longer, easy to use and operate. This is a perfect gift for ten years old child.

2.  Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control
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This car has cool color, and it is super fast. It is perfect for ten years old to have fun all day since it is easy to control for young children. It is easy to place batteries and use. It is flat, and it can go under furniture. It sparks up when you go in reverse, and it can keep up with you even when running and takes turns. It is easy to control and has minimal sound when in use.

1.  Remote Control Truck – Best of RC cars in 2017

Remote Control Truck - Best of RC cars in 2017
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This is a powerful GP brush 390 motor biggest in class and has the maximum speed more than 32 miles per hour. it is waterproof in snow or rainstorm, more stable and pretty good in skid resistance. It features S-truck suspension tech for control and superior handling. It will last longer during play time after fully charged and 100 meters controlling distance and 4-wheel suspension system (independently). It is solid, easy to use and requires two AA batteries.

At least, you have to teach your young kids on how they should be responsible for giving them something that they will own in their life. They will be responsible for learning the first lessons of driving and the dangers of driving as they drive in their neighborhood or go racing with some friends. Make that order now and let it be shipped right to you in the shortest time possible.