One of the most important equipment required in every house, office, hotels, shops and restaurant premise is a clean and hygienic trash can. People never give importance to the trash cans but as an average 2 to 3 times every person searches for one to throw the wastage every day. No one cares about these trash cans lying at a corner but everyone wants to see them hygienic and dust free from outside. Therefore in order to provide some of the best quality trash cans, a company was known as “SimpleHuman” came forward and manufactured some of the best-selling trash cans.

They have provided different types of trash cans suitable to use at different locations according to consumer’s choice. These trash cans are made of high-quality material which makes them highly durable and strong. The company has successfully sold their products because they made the consumers believe that this is the best product they can purchase at very affordable prices. Let us check out some of the best-selling trash cans by Simple Human that have left all other companies behind which are still struggling to challenge this company in this segment.

List of Best Stainless Steel Trash Cans in 2017

5) Simple Human Semi Round Step Trash Can

Simple Human Semi Round Step Trash Can

This 40 lt capacity stainless steel trash can has a strong steel pedal so that you can easily flip up the lid to throw the waste. The Flat back of the trash can allows firm placement against the wall. The lid is installed with Shox technology which gives it a smooth and silent closure. The trash can is finger print and dirt proof, therefore, you don’t have to worry about regular cleansing from the outside.the trash can is available with custom fit liners for perfect fitting and company has given 10-year warranty on the product.

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4) Simple Human Rectangular Step Trash Can

Simple Human Rectangular Step Trash Can

The 50 lt capacity rectangular trash can comes with an internal hinge that allows it to fit in most tight corners of the room. The lid Shox technology and strong steel pedals ensure crisp functionality for more than 20 steps a day for 20 years. The strong built of this trash can makes it durable for several years even if used in most robust manner. This trash can be placed anywhere as its unique rectangular design doesn’t give a soiled look. The trash can comes with a 10 year warranty period in case the consumer experience any sort of problem with this product.

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3) Simple Human Semi Round Sensor Can

Simple Human Semi Round Sensor Can

A 45 lt capacity automatic stainless steel trash can with a precision motor and planetary gear system which never gives false triggers and unexpected closures. The best part of the can is that the liner rim which is made of stainless steel flips down to hide and protect the liner. The nano-silver clear coating makes this trash can anti-microbial and fingerprint proof. The company’s J code liners are designed significantly to fit this trash can. The company has provided a 5-year warranty to the consumers in case they observe any defects in the product.

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2) Simple Human Slim Open Top Trash Can

Simple Human Slim Open Top Trash Can

The 50 lt large capacity trash can is ideal for large families and office premises. The open lid design allows quick and easy access to the trash cans. The extended top cover hides the messy bag and doesn’t let it over hang. The slim and tight design allows it to fit into the tight spaces. The convenient side handles ensure easy movement of the trash can from one site to another. The company has given 10-year warranty on this product, although most of the users who bought it, never had any complaint about the product since its launch.

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1) Simple Human Butterfly Step Trash Can

Simple Human Butterfly Step Trash Can

This 45 lt stainless steel trash can offers split lid or says butterfly opening from the center especially for the low clearance areas. This ensures the least spillage around the trash can keeping the surroundings neat and clean. The strong steel pedal and space saving shape of the trash can are the best features which made it a best-selling trash can among the consumers. The outer surface has an anti-microbial coating which makes it dirt free and fingers print proof. The butterfly lid set up has been installed with patented Shox technology for a smooth and silent closure. This is one of the best trash manufactured by the company and appreciated by all the users.

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