A watch ranks among the essential tools necessary in all lines of productivity. The awful and discouraging feeling that comes with projects falling behind schedule, getting late for meetings or other events, or investing a lot of time in one project while neglecting others can be avoided by just wearing a watch around the wrist. Best watches can help you to keep time and plan your work like a pro. Wearing a famous watch by a re-known brand also raises one’s class and fashion by a great extent.

On the market today, famous watch brands exist. Each famous watch brand strives to remain competitive and at the top of the market by providing elegant, high-performance and durable watch models one after the other. In this post, we concentrate on reviewing the top ten best famous watch brands in 2017 by analyzing one product developed by each brand.

Read on to find out which watch brand features the ideal specifications in their products that suit your preferences and other factors effectively.

10.  Baishitop-00155 Bracelet Watch

Baishitop Women Luxury Bracelet Watch

The 00155 is a designer bracelet watch for women. It has a shiny crystal border which adds to its elegant gold look. The watch is made from high-quality stainless steel material that protects it against rust. It features simple but classic Arabic numerals along the analog quartz. The high-quality quartz movement ensures the watch is always providing accurate timekeeping. The Baishitop-00155 is a perfect gift for a loved one because it is both cheap and stylish. It is a multi-purpose watch, can be worn anywhere and for any occasion whether it is running day-to-day errands, going on road trip adventures, or even events. Its case is made of an alloy to encase the interior. The stainless steel band measures approximately 23cm long and 1. 9cm in width and comes with a buckle clasp.

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9.  Invicta Signature I-7025-Z Men’s Watch

Invicta Men's

The I-7025-Z is a chronograph watch for men. The Invicta has a simple round classic look. It incorporates quartz technology in the movement to ensure accuracy in timekeeping. The watch is made from high-quality materials. The band, the case and the dials are all made of stainless steel to protect against rust especially when used in moist conditions. Its deployment clasp makes it easy to wear it and take it off. Its special features include calendar date and a stainless steel bezel function that comes with a tachometer. The case diameter is 39. 5mm with a thickness of 12. 9mm. The case features a dial window made from synthetic sapphire for an elegant look. The watch is completely air and water tight and offers a water resistance up to a depth of about 200 meters. The band is also made from the same high-quality stainless steel material and measures approximately 22mm in width.

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8.  Yunanwa YN067 Leather Watches


The Yunanwa are leather watches for women. The package consists of half a dozen watches that come in different colors including brown, pink, white, black, red, and blue. The Yunanwa is trendy and thus ideal to present as a gift to your loved one. The YN067 is made from high-quality synthetic PU leather for the band and alloy for the classic round case. The band measurement is approximately 24cm in length and 18mm in width and is completely adjustable to fit wrists of all sizes. It incorporates a quartz movement which is known for its precision in keeping accurate time. It’s made from acrylic dial window. It is relatively lightweight at 1. 12 ounces and therefore very comfortable for the hand especially if worn for long hours. The display type is analog with clear Arabic numerals and so easy to read.

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7.  Tamlee TM-8106White Men’s Watch

Tamlee Fashion

The TM-8106White is an ultra-thin men’s wrist watch. The TM-8106White is unique for its design. It offers a classic yet fashionable design with its oval shape and its ultra-thin structure. Its special feature includes a date mesh and a backup battery which offers convenience. It boasts a Japanese quartz movement of the highest quality for accuracy in timekeeping. Its lightweight nature and the ultra-slim design make it comfortable to wear even for long hours.
It comes with stainless steel material and therefore it is both rust-proof and durable. It is perfect as a top fashion accessory gift. The TM-8106White is waterproof up to 30 meters so can be worn while swimming, washing hands, for ice-bucket challenges or even when it is raining outside. It weighs just 58g and therefore offers practicality. The case has a diameter of about 3. 8 cm and a thickness of about 0.5 cm. The band length is a men’s standard of about 245mm with the case included and is designed to be adjustable to fit all wrist sizes. The dial is made of a rare material called hardlex.

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6.  Binmar(TM)-217 Women’s Wrist Watch


The Binmar is a fashionable girl’s bracelet watch. It is creative, colorful and casual style making it perfect for students. It features golden pearls accessories on the wrist which do a lot to brighten up a look. It features quartz movement for accurate time keeping. It has a simple round shape which is both functional and compliments the round pearls perfectly. It comes in various different colors including red, white, blue and pink among others. The display type is analog with two pointers. The case diameter is about 1. 9 cm and the band about 1. 5 cm. It is lightweight at 2. 88 ounces providing comfort and strain free wrists.

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5.  Maui Kool Lahaina MK19000 ZebraWood Watch


The Maui Kool is a unique wrist watch made from wood and therefore is a unisex product. The MK19000 is size adjustable by removing extra links to fit all wrist sizes. It is eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic meaning they are handcrafted by natural wood without any addition of synthetic material and hence suitable for customers with sensitive skin. It has a round shape and an analog display with a date on it. It features a Japanese quartz which is known for its reliability. It has a glass dial window which offers water resistance of up to 100 feet. The wooden clasp is a fold over with double push buttons. It weighs approximately 2. 24 ounces and therefore offers no strain on the wrist. The Maui Kool, in a nutshell, is a unique product for people who like unique things.

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4.  Afftue Military Sports Men’s Wrist Watch

Affute Amry

The Afftue is a high fashion Military LED analog and digital display wristwatch. It features a high-quality PU leather strap with a pin clasp. You can use it to time two time zones due to its double display. It has an advanced LCD with backlight for visibility in low light viewing. It features unique components such as an alarm, a day and date display, and a stopwatch which is accurate up to 0.01 seconds. It features the quartz movement system for accuracy. It is partly water resistant meaning you cannot swim with it or press any button while in water however you can wear it out in the rain or while washing your hands. It is quite a heavy watch at 160 grams due to its technological advancements.

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3.  Gullor Curren WAT1147 Unisex Wrist Watch

CUREEN Unisexal

The Curren is a noctilucent fluorescent wrist watch that is highly fashionable and casual. It features stainless steel on the dial for durability and a leather band which comes with a pin clasp. It arrives in gold or black color. It comes equipped with the quartz movement which is known for its precision. It is partly water resistant but not for diving or swimming purposes. It has an analog display encased in a round alloy case. The band length is approximately 25cm by 2cm in width and the dial diameter is about 4. 4cm. It has an average weight of about 80 grams which won’t put too much strain on the wrist. The Curren is ideal as a charming gift to your loved one for all occasions.

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2.  Cocotina Women’s Bracelet Wrist Watch


The Cocotina is a beautifully crafted wristwatch. It is laced with rhinestones on its rhombus gold surface to giving it a majestic look. The display type is analog with two pointers enclosed in a lovely square rhombus diamond shape. It features quartz movement for precise timekeeping management. The band material is made from alloy, and this contributes to its overall weight of 40 grams which is relatively light weight. The band is approximately 8 mm which is comfortable on the hand and distributes the weight of the watch evenly across the wrist. The Cocotina is an all exclusive watch and therefore comes in one color gold. The case diameter is 18 mm which is not too big but offers a sufficient viewing space.

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1. Timex Indiglo T2H4519J Wrist Watch – Top of Best Watches in 2017

Timex Easy Reader - Top 10 Best Watches in 2017

The Timex is an easy reader watch. It provides an easy to read analog dial with well laid out Arabic numerals encased in a round casing. It uses analog quartz technology for precise time keeping. It comes with a high-quality stainless steel expansion band with a polished finish to provide high durability. It provides water resistance up to 99 feet to withstand rain or water splashes but not submersion. The expandable expansion band made of silver tone material is highly durable and eliminates the need for a clasp. The case diameter is 35 mm, and its diameter is 9 mm providing suitable dimensions. It features a stationary brass bezel. Its special features include a calendar date, second hand and backlight. It weighs 4 ounces making it ideal for wearing for long periods.

  Get it now on Amazon.com Watches mean different things to different people. They achieve the common goals of functionality as well as practicality to all individuals while providing a sense of fashion, style, and craftsmanship to others. The top ten best famous watch brands in 2017 above offer all these functions to different people, and so we believe your right watch is listed above to suit your needs.